Yuvraj Hazel Singh Ki Punjabi Shaadi, Hindu Wedding 2nd December In Goa

yuvraj singh marriage with hazel keech
yuvraj singh marriage with hazel keech

Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech Get Married : The wedding season has already started and we have the first celebrity Shaadi for the season. Our very own cricketer, Yuvi aka Yuvraj Singh finally got hitched today to his lady love, Hazel Keech. Hazel and Yuvraj had been into a relationship since long and they have been spotted together quite a number of times.

yuvraj singh marriage with hazel keech
yuvraj singh marriage with hazel keech

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However today as the couple got married to each other, they preferred to keep it a private affair rather than going for a gala celebration. The wedding took place amidst the presence of close family members in a Gurudwara like a typical Sikh Family wedding.

Let us give you a glimpse of what all took place in the wedding. Though the entire wedding took place along the lines of a perfect Sikh marriage however the couple will also witness a Hindu ritualistic marriage once again in Goa. This indeed proves that the couple has a great understanding among themselves.

In the Sikh marriage that took place today in Gurudwara both Hazel and Yuvraj were wearing the wedding dress of the same hues. Seems the colour of love has spread amidst them grandly enough! Yuvraj was spotted in several shots with his mom , Shabnam Singh.

The wedding took place at th Dera of Baba Ram Singh Gurudwara distanced only 40 kms away from Chandigarh.

The marriage ritual was witnessed at Fatehgar Sahib and you know the venue was chosen by whose suggestion? It was none other than Yuvi’s beloved mom. Hazel’s parents were also spotted in the wedding and quite surprisingly they had also taken to the Indian wear of dressing.

Hazel had a great glow on her face and was looking mesmerizingly beautiful in her ravishing maroon lehenga with pink hues combinations.

The pre-wedding shoot of the couple is also a sure shot to be watched for since the beautiful pictures will surely give you new relationship goals.