WWE Monday Night Raw Live Preview, Rumor, Match Card December 5, 2016

wwe monday night raw
wwe monday night raw

WWE Monday Night Raw Show: We are heading for the first week of WWE RAW after watching TLC event on last Sunday. We have seen the feud between Sasha Banks and Charlotte. Things are about change as Sasha Banks won the gold again and so we are expecting to new competition in the women division. I’m going to tell you about WWE Monday Night RAW match card, rumours and news in this article.

wwe monday night raw
wwe monday night raw

WWE Raw Live Rumour and Match Card: December 5, 2016

Cruiserweight division got their show, and It started last week as know as 205. It didn’t go too well for the viewers. Although, Rich Swann’s victory over Brian Kendrick was the highlight of the show. It was an excellent title match to kick start the new show for the audience. What would be the reaction of Brian Kendrick on the WWE Raw Monday night show? Also, we are going to hear from the new Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann on this RAW.

Sami Zayn is going to be another wrestler under the spotlight as he wants to fight against the Brown Strowman although he has been told by the RAW GM Mick Foley that there’s no way he can’t win against a monster. What is develop between Sami Zayn and Mick Foley? Does he want to go to Smackdown Live? It’ll be an interesting turn of events for upcoming Royal Rumble 2017. He could get better opportunities on Smackdown rather than RAW.

Don’t forget the conflict between Sasha Banks and Charlotte because it is far from over. What is Charlotte going to do after losing her championship? Also, Roman Reigns became no. 1 contender in Roadblock for the WWE Universal Championship after beating Owens in the last week. Also, we have seen that Seth Rollins destroyed Chris Jericho. Their feud will be something to look for in this edition of RAW. Also, we heard a rumour about the debut of the NXT tag team Revival on this RAW.  It’ll build momentum for the upcoming event, Roadblock.

WWE Monday Night Raw: 5th December: Broadcast Details

You can watch WWE Monday Night RAW on Ten 2 in India at 6 AM IST. Catch repeat telecast on Ten 1 at 4 PM IST and 9 PM IST. This show will start at 7.30 PM ET in the USA. It will take place at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas. Don’t forget to catch any moments from WWE Monday Night rAW on 5th Decembe, 2016.