WWE Monday Night Raw 7th November 2016 Results Winner Tonight Show

WWE Monday Night Raw
WWE Monday Night Raw

7th November 2016 WWE Monday Night Raw Results Winner Tonight TV Show :- Today’s Monday Night RAW will be held in Glasgow, Scotland. That’s right. I’m bringing you the latest matches, highlights, injury update and build for the upcoming WWE Pay Per View (PPV) 30th annual Survivor Series edition on 7th November, 2016. There will be an announcement on the other exciting match ups in this segment of Monday Night RAW for sure.

WWE Monday Night Raw
WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE hyped Goldberg VS The Conqueror Brock Lesnar well for the main event of 30th annual Survivor Series, 2016. Thus, everyone should be waiting for the official news from General Manager Mick Foley in Glasgow, Scotland.

Tonight I am going to let you know about the rumors, injury Update of the upcoming edition of RAW on 7th November, 2016.

RAW General Manager, Mick Foley will be focusing on building his rest team to win against SmackDown Live in the traditional RAW VS SmackDown match.

Also, don’t forget U.S champion Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are going to have a fight to retain and regain their championships as well. There’s lot of things on the plate for this Monday Night RAW. You shouldn’t miss RAW tomorrow.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview

Would the two best friend (Chris Jericho – Kevin Owens) able to put away former shield members (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins)?

Who will be the last man to join RAW team for Survivor Series?

Which Superstars will be the opponent for The New Day and Charlotte Flair?

Who is going to challenge the answer of Dolph Ziggler’s Intercontinental Championship from RAW?

Did Brian Kendrick get into the nerves of TJ Perkins?

Brock Lesnar reaction to the Last Week Spear to Paul Heymann from Goldberg.

More drama for the Main Event of Survivor Series and Monday Night RAW and Smackdown Live Elimination Matches.

Match results will be updated shortly. Bookmark this page to come back again.