What Seriously! St Xavier’s College Mumbai Ban Ripped Jeans In Campus

St Xavier's College
St Xavier's College bans ripped jeans on its campus

St Xavier’s College passed a notification and has banned ripped jeans completely from its campus. The college has put on banned based on the complaint of some professors who expressed their agony by saying it has become an embarrassment for some in class. This type of ripped jeans has become the mockery for the poor said, Chief Angelo Menezes.

Menzi explained his fury by saying this type of clothing is not the fashion statement “Torn clothes are worn by the poor because they have no choice, and one cannot make it a fashion statement,”  adding to his statement “Students should be a little more professional in their approach in their college.

St Xavier's College
St Xavier’s College bans ripped jeans on its campus

A business school will never allow such clothes on the campus. Students can make use of all the fashion outside the college campus,” he added.

Recently, a professor had brought some students who were wearing torn jeans to the notice of Menzi and presented them in his office. “I had told them to change and come to college. The torn part could be anywhere on the pants and sometimes it becomes embarrassing,” explaining how shameful these torn jeans looks. This incident made the Menzies to pass the notification on banning the jeans which are torn.