VR App Launched By YouTube For Google Daydream View Available In Canada UK


Google has come up with Daydream View reality headset as available in Canada, US, UK and Australia. They have officially announced Google Pixel launch event in the last month taking care of variety of features. The first handset is based upon Daydream standard and has unveiled the same at Google I/O the same year. The Daydream View works with the Google Pixel and Pixel XL smart phones. Google has also launched supporting Android apps for the time being first Daydream View receiving their units. The Daydream app and the YouTube VR app are now available for download via Google Play in the long run as needed.

The Daydream app also follows Keyboard and VR Services as available with the Play store. The day dream app has a collection of apps with games for Daydream- cool phones. Google has successfully launched exclusive content for the Daydream View as well.

The company has often launched projects as partnered with video-game producers and sports leagues to boost its virtual-reality initiative in the long run.

Google has come up with the YouTube VR app, and lets you watch 3D or standard 360-degree videos with the Daydream View cool collections. Google has often collaborated with YouTube content creators for producing 360-degree videos with dream view software.

The daydream users can always search for videos in YouTube VR through voice or a keyboard as like standard You tube products as needed. The Daydream-ready apps are being launched as part of Google’s own apps. The company has often partnered with Warner Brothers and CNN with launched apps taking care of supporting Daydream like CNN VR, Fantastic Beasts and so on.

They have set up dreams and the apps will be straight forward as like users need to add payments option as to complete the set up whenever required.

The You tube application has just launched app as for watching online videos catalogue in virtual reality modes and are quite available with Daydream View headset made by Google. If you own a day dream view and works with Google new Pixel phones, it is important that you will never be trying out of the same.

The new VR app will also allow users as to view and manage You tube’s standard license features with content app as required. The theatre mode is as like virtual movie screen and are obviously explained taking care of experienced YouTube videos shot with 360-degree cameras. The videos are never built as for VR viewing. The VR app will often turn the same into sound immersive experience in the long run.

You could always continue and offer applications as like new ways to engage with the world and hence manage community along with the same.

They often believe in virtual reality and hence offer great role in the future of storytelling as said from blog post. They own great experience with the amazing content and have some kind of immersive view with brand name of YouTube VR app, available first on Daydream. The new app was built from ground up and has been optimized.