Virat Kohli denies the rumours of engagment with Anushka


Bollywood and cricket has an old chemistry and we have seen it many times. Deepika- Yuvi, Azhar- Sangeeta and many more. However their relationships did not last forever. Where deepika- yuvi broke up within some months, Sangeeta- Azhar got married and broke up after some years. Now we after a long time, we are gonna see the chemistry of cricket and Bollywood once again.

Virat kohli, who is known as a new champ of cricket nowadays is dating the hot and talented actress of Bollywood Anushka Sharma.

anushka sharma virat kohli uttarakhand pics
anushka sharma virat kohli uttarakhand pics

They are dating each other from two years. However, there were some rumours that the couple has separated in the mid of this year. Their relationship was not so easy. Their journey had many ups and downs. They have faced lots of hurdles throughout the journey but they managed somehow and is still together.

Many a times when media and public was making fun of Anushka, Virat came out and supported her in a sweetest way. However, whole industry supported them a lot. Recently they were seen together in Yuvraj Singh’s marriage with Hazel keech. Again it’s a combo of cricket and Bollywood. The couple was seen there and their chemistry was just so amazing.

And now the buzz is that they are getting engaged on 1st Jan 2017. This news is not confirmed till now but from sources it has been revealed that Virat and Anushka are getting engaged now.

anushka sharma virat kohli uttarakhand images
anushka sharma virat kohli uttarakhand images

Recently a report came out that Virat and Anushka are going to join Anushka’s parents in tehri for new year celebration and Virat’s mother is also going there for the same reason.

 So are you guys really excited for their first step towards their marriage? Yes, so we are. What are your views over the same? Please do share and let us know. Your thoughts are really important for us to know. Do share.

But now virat kohli said that they both are not planning for engagmnet and if he will planned,he wouldnot hide.