Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma Will Celebrate New Year In Uttarakhand

anushka sharma virat kohli new year celebrate in uttarakhand

Quality time is required in every relationship, be it lovers to family, bonding is very important factor when it comes to living a life. Every person has a set of people who are present in their inner circle who they love to spend time with. Lovers especially always need time and if it is not maintained then we know how often this youth changes partners and how easily conflict rises.

This is the very essence of being human. We all want to spend time with the loved ones when we have vacations or have time to ourselves.

anushka sharma virat kohli new year celebrate in uttarakhand
anushka sharma virat kohli new year celebrate in uttarakhand

Recently the very talked about couple, Anushka Sharma the ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ star and the recently captain cricketer ‘Virat Kohli’ have been seen together many a times. The couple never spoke about their relationship but now after Yuvraj Singh’s wedding things have become very obvious.

The famous actress was seen accompanying her beau on his birthday on the 5th of November. She flew down to Rajkot to celebrate the birthday of his beloved. The couple was seen hand in hand on the special day.

There have often been rumours about breaks in the relationship and times when these two split up and later got back together. The two work in fields which are distinct, one is a part of the film industry and other is the upcoming star of the cricket industry.

anushka sharma virat kohli new year celebrate in uttarakhand
anushka sharma virat kohli new year celebrate in uttarakhand

Being in such diverse fields it is hard to take out the time and match their busy schedules to meet each other. Therefore recently we have seen that the two are flying to meet the other in order to spend time with their bae and make this relationship strong.

Therefore, they have finally made their relationship now official and are coming out in the open together.

The very latest news about them is that the beloved couple will be celebrating Christmas and New Year together. Virat Kohli has a 25 day break and the two will be celebrating their vacation in the home town of the actress in the state of Uttarakhand.

It is not only a lover’s getaway but is believed to be a family affair where parents of Anushka will accompany the two. The actress has spent most of her vacation time in Dehradun, where they also have a family home.

The two arrived there over the weekend and reportedly took off to Narendernagar in Tehri, where anushka’s parents had already reached prior to them. It is also said that Virat’s mother will be joining them for New Years. It also seems that Virat is getting serious bonding both of their families.

Virat is also the brand ambassador of the state of Uttarakhand and this is his first visit as the ambassador. The two have been welcomed by the Chief Minister of the State by the social media, Twitter. In his tweet he hoped that their stay in the state is nice. It was a great opportunity to promote tourism in Uttarakhand, also known as Dev Boomi.

We wish that the coming New Year is blessed for the couple.