UP & Punjab Assembly Elections 2017 Pre Voting Opinion Polls

Uttar Pradesh Assembly election 2017 Opinion Poll Exit Poll
Uttar Pradesh Assembly election 2017 Opinion Poll Exit Poll

Assembly elections are due in Punjab and UP with less than a year time frame. The campaign season is heating up within the states and political parties have begun taking care of hectic preparations. Some of the media agencies have also conducted opinion survey polls as to gauge the mood of voters and acknowledge the direction in which wind is blowing.

As with the case of Punjab, one of the surveys conducted by Huffington Post India and Voter has indicated that the Aam Aadmi Party is set to clinch majority in the state with 100+ seats. The opinion polls as conducted by VDPA Associates have even come up with same results.

2017 Opinion Poll Exit Poll
Uttar Pradesh Assembly election 2017 Opinion Poll Exit Poll

However, it is tough to predict the outcomes of Punjab Assembly elections 2017, it is no doubt that the Aam Aadmi Party is going to be a crucial contender in the upcoming polls especially in Punjab. However, in the last Assembly elections held in 2012, the SAD-BJP alliance has won majority of the seats.

They are facing the challenge of anti-incumbency this time especially in Punjab. So, congress and Aam Aadmi Party are going to offer tough competition to the ruling alliance.

Pre Voting results by opinion Polls

Some of the Results of India Today-Axis Opinion Poll, as published on 13th of October 2016 suggests that if elections were held in Punjab today, it would win 49 to 55 seats and will emerge as single largest party within the state. AAP has also triggered massive interest among voters with a little bit of dissent and estimated to get 42 to 46 seats.

Congress might have to go for an alliance with Navjot Singh Sidhu’s Aawaz-e-Punjab. The survey has been conducted by just on one-on-one interviews with set of questions being asked by several persons covering all the 117 constituencies of the state.

Punjab Election 2017 Opinion Poll by HuffPost-C Voter

It is a great surprise for many of us as the recently conducted opinion poll by HuffPost-CVoter has indicated an emphatic win for the AAP.

The survey suggests that AAP is expected to get anything between 94 and 100 seats in the 117-seat Punjab legislative assembly elections. It’s being a spike from the poll projections of 2015.

According to the agency, the Congress Party is in the second position but straggling by a long margin. They are expected to win 8-14 seats in the Assembly as compared to 12-18 seats projected in 2015.

The Election commission of India has suggested that Punjab will go to elections between February and March by next year just after Union budget as on February 1 2017. The election commission has suggested that polling will take place in single phase only. However, the exact dates would be announced by the commission by end of the year only.

There is soon going to be intense political activity within the state in the run-up to the elections.

However, it is still unclear about the UP elections and winning coalition formula as like the “coalition of extremes” –the Muslims, the dalits and the upper castes. They have shifted allegiances with regional parties along with BJP.

Almost 40 percent of UP’s castes have never been represented within the state assembly due to the small size and geographical dispersions.