Swami Om to enter bigg boss 10 again for the finale episode


Swami Om to enter bigg boss again for the finale:- Bigg boss 10 has been the most controversial season ever. Also, there is a big fall in the Show’s TRP too. It has been the lowest Trp season ever in the history of bigg boss. And for all this, the credit goes to none other than the creepiest contestant Swami Om. He has done such disgraceful things which has made him famous but with negative publicity.


Whether it is about to steal shampoos from the bathroom, saying awful things about Bani judge’s mother, making cheap comments about other female contestants or throwing his pee on Bani and other people. He has always been disgusting.  People in the house and from out of the house hate him like anything.

It was not an easy task to cooperate with him in the house so a big salute to all the contestants of bigg boss. Even the host of the show, Salman Khan was offended by his shameful acts. But since Swami was so elder than him, he didn’t say anything.

Many a times, he warned Om to stay in his limits and stop doing such things. But after he threw his pee on other contestants, the makers immediately made their mind to throw the swami out of the house.

Salman Khan didn’t make any comments and told the channel that if Swami will ever come in the show again, he will leave the show. The same he did with Priyanka Jagga too.

But now, the buzz is, Swami Om is going to attend the finale of bigg boss which is not even two weeks far from now. Yes, according to some sources, the makers agreed to him and gave him the permission to attend the finale of bigg boss without any giving any information to Salman.

So is it real? Has channel agreed to him just to gain some TRP ? how will Salman will react? Will he allow him to join the show? And if he will come, how will other contestants react on it? What are your views ? Please do share.

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