Swami Om Has Been Kicked Out Of The House And The Reason Is..


Just after seeing the success of big brother, India chose to walk on the same path. They started their own Indian version of big brother named “Big Boss”. Big boss is a big name in reality shows of Indian television history. And as it’s being hosted by Salman Khan, they gain the audience automatically.

 But ever since bigg boss has started, we haven’t seen people at this level in which they are in season 10. Yes, it’s the 10th season of bigg boss and is with the most unique concept they have ever had.

Commoners vs celebrities. Seems good? But no, people are doing such disgusting things in this show just to be there and to be famous which is actually shameful.


  Yes, the buzz is after throwing out Priyanka Jagga from the house, bigg boss has finally taken the most awaited step of this year. He has kicked out Swami Om from the house. You will be shocked after knowing the reason as it’s actually DISGUSTING.  

Swami Om has done many shameful things in the house already. Whether it is about to pee in the kitchen or to say some insulting and shameful words about someone’s mother. He has done everything for gaining the TRP and attention. But this time, he has crossed all the limits.


As Swami and Bani opted for captaincy instead of the winning amount, the captaincy task held between those two. And since the task was of saving the pyramids from the opposition’s friends( as they will be hitting them to save their friend) Bani won it unanimously, baba couldn’t digest it and collected his pee in a cup and threw it on Bani’s face. As the action will have a reaction, bani kicked him and even Rohan Mehra slapped him right away. Everyone was disturbed with him and they forcefully locked him in a jail.

And finally Bigg Boss had to take the decision and asked him to leave his house immediately.

  Shameful act. Isn’t it? What are your views over the same? Please do share.