Story Behind Wonderchef, How It Happened


Wonderchef, India’s fastest growing kitchen appliances and Cookware Company founded by the famous chef Sanjeev Kapoor and hospitality business expert, Mr. Ravi Saxena.

Mr. Saxena is known for the creation of successful brands in the country. Mr. Saxena released information about his products, market presence and future plans for offline purchases of Wonderchef products.

ravi saxena md wonderchef
Mr. Ravi Saxena, MD Wonderchef

As a brand, Wonderchef aims to allow Indian housewives to cook tastier and healthier foods more conveniently. It empowers the Indian woman by allowing her to create her own business, increasing her pride and family income. All of our products focus on healthy cooking and are guaranteed for years of performance.

What are the challenges you have faced when building your brand?

Wonderchef has always believed in the quality and delivery of reliable and guaranteed products to India. These products are invariably more expensive and it took time to expand the business.

Wonderchef is the fastest growing kitchen appliance in India and the kitchenware company. All products focus on healthy cooking and are guaranteed by years of Wonderchef performance. The products are world class and are developed in Italy, Korea, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Canada and the United States. They are sold to Indian clients in 2,000 cities and towns through Retail, Television Marketing, Internet, and through a dynamic channel of more than 35,000 self-employed, motivated and trained women. At present, Wonderchef represents the best quality, reliability and service as a point of reference in India.

The challenge is to match the rhythm of the Internet business, which is extremely dynamic, and the market model allows even unrelated parties to offer one or two pieces of a discount brand.

Wonderchef represents the best quality, reliability and service as a point of reference in India. We are present in approximately 800 towns and cities in the country.

Wonderchef stands out for innovation and the best technology in all its products. Each Wonderchef product is built to the highest technological standards. The brand has been a leader in the market of devices to increase health, whether without PFOA non-stick, cold press extractor (slow juicer), SKT (Tandoor grill) or Caesar pans, Wonderchef has been a pioneer in the introduction of new technology for the Indian market The brand also makes extensive use of technology to manage its businesses through customized distribution software.

Wonderchef has always been at the forefront when it comes to introducing innovative and futuristic devices in the country that allow experimental cooking among our customers. Products like G.O.T, fryer

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