Samsung Onyx Led Cinema Screen Theatre In PVR Cinema Delhi

samsung onyx led theater pvr delhi

Samsung Onyx Led Cinema Screen Theatre In PVR Cinema Delhi :- Last year at the CinemaCon event in United States, Samsung had first shown its concept of LED screens for movie theatres which will revolutionize the theatre experience. Onyx which is a black colored gemstone has the same quality of true, deep and realistic dark colours as Samsung Onyx LED screens.

Onyx Led Cinema
samsung onyx led theater pvr delhi

What is Onyx LED screen all about?

Movie theatre screen of the future without a traditional projector at the back shows movies in 4K resolution. It lessens the difference of experience that we have between watching movie at home LED TVs and watching in movie theatres. With a large amount of colour variants and highest contrast a screen can get this is going to give a worldclass movie experience. But those of who are used to watching movies at home will miss the same quality of movie watching simultaneously along with friends or family members. The Samsung Onyx is a theatre experience that is going to lure people out of their homes. Onyx gives audience a never before felt, closer to life, bigger, clearer and advanced action. Technically speaking Samsung Onyx can display brightness of 300 nits easily but reportedly can show up to 500 nits which is about 200 nits brighter than average home TV.

Onyx has an active 3D display which helps in cutting a lot of distortion by showing accurate color representation. The usual SDR 3D experiences are dull when we put the 3D glasses as a result of loss of huge amount of brightness and resolution. The Onyx 3D content gives crystal clear dimensional depth in pictures.

Samsung Onyx has done partnership with Harman Professional Solutions, which will provide state of art audio solution for this type of screen setup. The projector type of cinema halls used to have speakers behind the screen which were acoustically transparent. This helped audience to hear sound straight from the direction of the screen. With LED screens this is not possible so Samsung along with Harman developed an audio system that can play back 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound with the front channel speakers being at the top of the display screen. With the help of JBL and other reflector speakers it appears as if the sound is coming from the screen which is even better.

Another advantage of Onyx theatre is that it can be enjoyed also in ambient light, unlike the theatres installed with projectors. This means that the movie watching experience need not be in the darkness and audience can eat and do multiple stuffs while watching a movie. We can literally watch fellow audiences facial expression on the spot!

The Onyx theatre has also given theatre owners one extra reason to earn more by packing more audience at the back which was not possible earlier as they had to leave an empty space due to projectors at the back.

Now in India

The first Onyx LED cinema screen of India is now launched on 27 August 2018 in South Delhi’s PVR Vasant Kunj. Samsung also has plans to bring more such LED screens in different cities of India in association with PVR and Inox soon .

Gautam Dutta, Chief Executive Officer of PVR Cinemas has revealed that upgrading a screen run on projector – with an LED – costs around Rs. 7 Crore now and that he hopes the prices will come down soon with more companies like LG and Sony launching their own versions of LED screens in the market.

Punit Sethi, Vice-President, Consumer Electronics Enterprise Business, Samsung India said “We see a rich potential for these screens in India as well and plan to expand with PVR and other such companies” He said that Samsung is also offering smaller sized versions of Onyx LED screens viz. 5, 10 and 14 metres in length for corporate events, concerts and personal screening.

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