Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai? Internet Trolls Meme Funny Jokes & Whatsapp Status

why sonam gupta is bewafa photos
why sonam gupta is bewafa photos

Sonam Gupta Jokes and Whatsapp Status I don’t know about the country but while surfing online, especially Facebook, whenever I come across any joke or status related to Sonam Gupta, I do have all the sympathies with the girls named alike. It all started earlier this year when a frustrated lover posted picture of a 10 Rs note with a message.

“Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai” which means ‘Sonam Gupta is unfaithful’. Though the lover had intention to malign name of his ‘Sonam Gupta’ but today things get Viral on internet like the fire in jungle.

sonam gupta bewafa hai
sonam gupta bewafa hai

People started making jokes and status on Sonam Gupta in no time. However, with the passing time it started to vanish but before ‘The Sonam Gupta’ could take sigh of relief, our beloved government changed the currency.

Yes this called the lover again and in non time 2000 Rs note came with the message. In no time internet began to flood with Sonam Gupta jokes and Status like:

  • Government of India should declare Sonam Gupta as national bewafa.
  • Sonam Gupta is a brand now, ‘International Bewafa’
  • People putting relationship status as, ‘Bewafaizoned by Sonam Gupta’, Sonam Gupta declared internation bewafa by UNESCO, and many more.
  • This wasn’t the end, the Sonam had to answer and the people began sharing her message ‘Mein Bewafa nahi hun’.

The jokes and status on Sonam Gupta began to flood twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It isn’t just the normal people trolling with entire Sonam Gupta jokes and status. Even the celebrities landed and didn’t leave any stone unturned to troll with ‘Sonam Gupta’ jokes and statuses can be seen everywhere.

However before signing off I would just say that the sudden wave where on one hand tickled the fun bone, on another it created a bit of mess for the girls named ‘Sonam Gupta’ all around the world. Whatever way it goes, the entire scenario is indeed gaining attention for all the good reasons.