Shocking News! Two Year Jail For Brazilian Player Neymar & €10 Million Fine

neymar outside court neymar da silva santos
neymar outside court neymar da silva santos

It’s not the first time Barcelona FC players are getting in to the scam. Recently, the world’s most popular soccer player Leonal Messi also faced jail for nonpaying the tax for the Government and which was under act by corruption. Actually he got some fine and even 2 years jail too but later he responded to the corresponding court that he doesn’t know the tax is not being paid and its non intention.

neymar outside court neymar da silva santos
neymar outside court neymar da silva santos

Then he says sorry corresponding people and pays his all tax. Later he is excused from the court. Now it’s time for Neymar who is also the news due to his corrupt allegations. Spanish legal department has taken a strict negotiation.

Actually this Brazilian superstar has signed for Catalan Giants €88.2 million in the year 2013 but he is actually sold is economic rights to a investment company called DIS. So, now Spanish Legal System fined him and even ready to send him jail.

Actually that company has registered case against him and says that not receiving the amount of money that they have bough which is around 40%. So, he is likely to face jail and even he has to fill fine.

Now their family has stepped down to it. Actually his father firm, NN Consultoria responded to all latest developments made by the Spanish prosecutors and even he has given the details of Neymar’s Father and Mother’s interfere in transfer of this Neymar from Santos to Barcelona.

NN Consultoria says that Neymar is innocence and he didn’t know about this at the law of that time. Even their father has repeated the same and mentioned that they are going to reiterate the same in September 2016.

They actually said that we are not prospective because we have claimed and noticed to Santos and Barcelona before all the contacts being singed. So, they were pretty calm and confident and believe that there is a no mistake made by them.

After all this even he has to face the jail. As all of you know, two most popular soccer players Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano are even faced the jail for more than one year. It’s not the issue or problem to face the jail but they have to care about these things and make sure that these things gone never happen again. Even he can has the bright future right after that.