Shitia Wedding! Ishqbaaz 17th November 2016 Episode Written Updates

ishqbaaz episode written update
ishqbaaz episode written update

In the last episode, we saw that Anika approaches Shivaay running and says that she said something’s wrong. Suddenly she finds Tia and gets shocked and in the meanwhile, Tia asks her reason behind coming to Shivaay’s room. To this, she replies that she came as she found the tickets. Upon listening to this,Daksh replies that if this is the reason, he has the tickets. Seeing all this chaos Dadi interferes and tries to make Anika understand that she has mistaken in some way or another.

Shivaaye who was watching all these intervenes and takes her side saying that she is little afraid after what happened last night and apologizes on behalf of her. In the meanwhile we see Rudra speaking on acall with chubby, telling that there won’t be any party as he has to go to Delhi for his basketball match. Later the trio celebrates and dances on the song ‘Khushiyaan Baatenge hum’.

Rudra shares his excitement linked with the sangeet ceremony of Shivaaye, while the other two makes a joke of him saying ‘Not in Ghaghra please’, and they start laughing again. Tia further discusses Anika getting attacked by a stalker. While Shivaaye confirms it to her, Tia asks why anyone would do that.

However over the entire episode went quite well, but the question arises about today’s episode. Reason being as today, Anika will be approaching Shivaaye and show him a picture. This is the same photograph in which Tia can be seen married. The 17th November 2016 episode of Ishqbaaz will undoubtedly be a game changer, but the main thing to be noticed is how the other members of the family will react to this.

To be telecasted today, the Ishqbaaz 17th November 2016 episode will reveal not only the truth of Tia but will also unveil the details of stalker stalking Anika, and why Tia did all this. The entire scenario will eventually bring Shivaaye and Anika close to each other, giving height to the lovely relationship we all follow.

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