Shilpa Shinde’s Mother Revealed why Shilpa called off the wedding with Romit Raj

shilpa shinde called off romit raj wedding

Shilpa Shinde’s Mother Revealed why Shilpa called off the wedding with Romit Raj:- The entire week of bigg boss went through emotions. There was high melodrama in the house when the families came inside to visit the members. But the trickiest part of the entire luxury budget task was that contestants were frozen when the families used to enter the house. One of the unforgettable meetings was of Shilpa Shinde and her mother.

Her mother is really so sweet and whatever she said to the housemates was really very nice to hear and brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Very nicely, Shilpa’s mother thanked everybody to assign her a position of the mother which is next form of God. But she also added that nobody should ever disrespect mother else they are indirectly respecting God. Her visit to the house ended on a very positive note except the fact that Arshi didn’t greet her nicely.

shilpa shinde called off romit raj wedding

Later after coming out of the house when Shilpa’s mother was interviewed, she disclosed the reality why Shilpa called off the wedding with her co-start from the show “Mayka”, Romit Raj.

Shilpa and Romit were even engaged and were dating each other at one point in time. Their marriage was fixed to be held in Goa but two days before the procession, the event was called off.

Her mother told the reason that initially when Romit proposed Shilpa, she accepted the proposal as Romit is a gentleman but later she realized that Romit and her ideologies were different and it will be difficult to move on together in the life further. Also many times it had happened that they used to have tiffs because of the differences in the opinions. Therefore, they mutually decided to part of their ways.

Even once Shilpa also was interviewed and had come out with the reasons for the breakup. She told that all preparations were done from both sides and even the cards were printed. But later, she had to call off her marriage as there were differences in the thought process. She also told that she is now very happy with her decision.

Romit later got married to Tina Kakkar in the year 2010. Shilpa and her mother’s reasons show that the issue was the same. Anyways whatever may be the reason, this is not gonna affect Shilpa’s performance on the show. She is the most loved contestant on the show and is playing very strongly.

Let’s see if she is going to win the Bigg Boss 11 titles or not.

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