SEE: Shahid Kapoor Latest Selfie With FLAUNTS 6-pack ABS


Social media has always been a source of important information regarding the celebrities’ everyday routine, especially instagram. Every celebrity who is on instagram makes sure their fans know what they have been up to, from film releases to their parties and fun times.The celebrated actor Shahid Kapoor who won filmfare award for the best actor for the amazing role played by him in the movie Haider is now preparing for his next movie ‘Padmavati’. It can be said that the actor is preparing in full swing by the regular selfies posted by him on his account from the gym itself.

The 35 year old actor is known for his dedication to the roles played by him. It can be said that the roles played by the actor have never failed to surprise us. Movies like Jab We Met, Kaminey, Rajkumar, Haider and Udta Punjab prove that the star has worked day and night to show his talent in the industry.


Shahid Kapoor is not only a great actor but also has some dance crazy moves in his pocket. The actor had a sweet boy image in the starting of his career but he changed the image with roles like Haider and Tommy Singh (Udta Punjab).

We all know how hard these actors work in order to change their bodies and adapt to the roles required to be played by the actor in the film. It is not easy to change the personality and dialect and also get in the shape required to pay justice to the role which the filmmaker wants you to play.

For every film there is research done and people work together to form a character as played by the actor. Every year we see many people working hard for their role.


Recently the 35 year old actor posted a selfie on the Shahid Kapoor Instagram account showing off his 6 pack abs. The picture was captioned as- “Late nights or early mornings. #sleepless”. This picture has many girls drooling over Shahid Kapoor and sadly for them he is happily married man and a newly turned father. The actor’s selfie is a treat for the sore eyes.

Shahid Kapoor has been seen to be working so hard for the movie “Padmavati” which will be directed by Sanjay Leela Bansali. The actor would be starring opposite Deepika Padukone anad Ranveer Singh for the movie. His will be playing the character of Rawal Ratan Singh and we can assume that the character will have a great body in the movie. He gives a hint of the character with his full-grown beard and kohl-lined eyes.

For those who adopt a fit routine daily, he is an inspiration with his hot body as this kind of physique requires discipline more than anything. Not even one day can be spared in order to attain such strong muscles. So all those who wish to see the photo go to his instagram account and enjoy his pictures and even get inspired.

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