See Pics & Images: Champions League 2016 Barcelona Team Training Sessions


See Pics & Images: Champions League 2016 Barcelona Team Training Sessions :- What’s happening in the training session of the Barcelona. It’s the most popular Canadian pop star to visit Barcelona training session. He is one the way to perform in Palau Sant Jordi on Tuesday night. In between he met some of the team players of Barcelona team where they are working Ciutat Esportiva.

Barcelona Team Training Sessions
Barcelona Team Training Sessions

Actually FC Barcelona is preparing for their first match in champions league which is between FC Barcelona and Celtic. So, they are on the way to play the match against Celtic in Glasgow. So, it was pleasure to meet the Canadian pop star Justin Bieber at the training session by the team players.

They actually took the photo with him including most popular soccer player and Barcelona team player Messi.

Barcelona Team Training Sessions images
Barcelona Team Training Sessions images

Actually Justin Bieber was on the way to perform on Palau Sant Jordi. You might know that he is making the Purpose World Tour and in which this is the last perform of him in Europe. So, in between these he met these players.

Apart from now, he was met the team and had the fun on training session at that time. Now again he is on the training session of Barcelona. He was not only there to meth the people and has fun with them. He even did workout and trained there. He actually tried some Goal Keeping skills on the training session.

Barcelona Team Training Sessions pics images
Barcelona Team Training Sessions pics images Sources : AFP

The team player says that Justin Bieber also has some fine shots. It is not the first time he has having the fun with these players. A long time back might be 2012, he had the great fun in the training session.

Actually there was photo on the net where Justin Bieber wears green T-shirt and shorts with Football and playing hard. Even he made chat with Messi and Iniesta at that time.

Now he has posted a photo with Rael Ace Sergio Ramos on the back stage in Instagram with a caption Recognize Him? If you want to the video of Justin Bieber playing Soccer then you need to go in for Snap Chat where you need to European Giants . He played with amazing footwork while playing with team player and made a Goal.

Even he showed his Goal Keeping skills. Actually he defended low strike into the bottom corner and made that pass over the bar. You can even find out the videos of Justin Bieber making jokes with Bizzare