Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs iPhone 7 Camera & Battery Life Full Details


Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs Iphone 7 Camera And Battery Life differences :- Are you planning to buy a new high end phone? If so, the market is full of amazing quality phones with cool features and elegant designs. It might be really daunting and confusing for a newbie. So, people are quite confused as where to go for high end technology phones with latest cool collection features. They might be thinking whether to spend on brand new phone or just go for reviews.

Samsung galaxy s8 vs iphone 7 comparison
Samsung galaxy s8 vs iphone 7 comparison

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs iPhone 7 Specification And Features

There are varieties of questions as to answer and choose from the available list of phones. It becomes quite confusing in all sense and look for great quality phones. There are companies that continue to lead the market as like Samsung and Apple as well. You can always have a look at the recent launch of Samsung galaxy 8 & Iphone 7 as users have taken them by choice. They have been offering same features with small price difference. The price band of such mobile phones will make you astonished by all sense. You can always compare the pricing of such phones online and manage them in a better way as by avoiding the overpriced iPhone 7 and going for the feature packed Samsung Galaxy 8. You can always have a look at such phones and probably look for avoiding them in a better way. These phones have larger screen as compared to normal ones.

The screen size of Samsung Galaxy 8 is quite greater than Iphone 7 with amazing benefits. In fact it is needless to mention that the Samsung phones have a better viewing experience with the consuming media. The galaxy 8 phones have a much higher resolution as compared to other phone. The iphones possess nice screen as resolution difference is quite huge and becomes self evident as you look for using them and continue to use such phones for browsing purposes.

iphone 7 Camera comparison with samsung s8
iphone 7 Camera comparison with samsung s8

Camera Quality

The Samsung phone has better camera resolution and hence offers great picture quality. The camera under the hood has amazing image sizes with better packed images along with sharper images that can be edited later as required. The image offers optical image stabilization with rear face cameras as is quite important and offered in iPhone 7.

Great multitasking properties

Both the devices offers great multi tasking features and contains features as like multi-windows that give you enhanced multitasking capabilities. You can always open two apps at a single time and even watch YouTube video while tweeting your thoughts. You could always browse the internet while replying to important emails. So, iPhone 7 can always be boasted of as per required.

Battery Life

You need not think of carrying a power bank along with you always. You could always keep a track record of important calls along with replying to emails, watching videos and tweeting your thoughts in the long run. You can always keep yourself connected with friends on social Medias and your phone will act as one-stop for all of these stuffs. The robust battery life is a great choice as to keep updated with all your activities. It is the point where s7 wines over its competitor. Samsung has a battery that lasts longer & charges faster than the iPhone 7. They have been also offering wireless charging facility.

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