Samsung Producing 512 GB eUFS memory chip for next-gen flagship smartphones


Samsung Announced 512 GB Flash Storage Memory Chip For Its Phone:-  Storage has always been a trouble for smartphone users. But not any longer because Samsung seems to have discovered a solution that will be appreciated by every next-generation mobile users! Samsung is proud to announce the mass production of eUFS (embedded universal flash storage) which is going to be first 512 GB flash solution in the industry worldwide.

Samsung was aware of the competitive edge smartphone and tablets, the flagship must continue to provide enough storage solution to the users. Ad well, the solution is right here! One of the incredible productions of 64-layer V-NAND chips of 512 GB by Samsung, eUFS by the name brand name is going to achieve all the parallel solution of storage capacity.

Samsung 512GB eUFS ultra flash storage memory chip

Performance at its best!

The performance is committed to being outstanding which will be perfectly complimenting the performance of next-generation smartphone users. One of the crucial issues faced by smartphone users was the performance limitation in the device. And one of the sensitive reasoning behind the same was the usage of micro SD cards. This was stated by Jaesoo Han, VP of Memory Sales & Marketing n Samsung Electronics.

And thus, a perfect solution to the same is declared by embedded storage by Samsung where next-generation users will enjoy the performance smoothly. This device is known as a stable solution of storage for the users which uses latest embedded and advanced technology in terms of flash drives. Thus, Samsung is helping the next generation by contributing perfect launches which are not only beneficial but mandate requirement for mobile manufacturers as well. And that too, around the world!

Samsung 512 GB Memory Chip eUFS versus 256 GB eUFS

If you compare the same with the earlier launch of Samsung 48 layer V-NANd based storage, following is the list of update in the same:

  • The latest flash storage is 64 layer controller chips with 512 GB V-NAND chips which is all combined together. On the other hand, the previous version was a 48 layer V-NAND chip with 256 GB storage.
  • The density of the latest version is double the same of 256 GB package.
  • 512 GB eUFS will provide better and improved mobile experience for the next generation device users as compared to 256 GB eUFS

In order to understand the storage smartness of 512 GB eUFS, then you will be surprised to know that the capacity of this eUFS will enable the users to store 130 units of 4K ultra HD videos consisting 10 minutes of duration. Do you know what that means? Well, this means that the storage capacity is almost ten times than that of 64 GB eUFS which can store till 13 units only where the unit shares the same duration and quality of the video.

Speaking of technology-driven in this flagship, you will amaze that this device has introduced proprietary advanced tools that were never introduced in other devices till now. Such tools help in maximizing the efficient energy as well as the performance of the 512 eUFS. If we speak of number f cells in 512 GN eUFS; it’s almost double than that of 256 GB eUFS. This explains that circuit design is efficiently controlled along with excellent power management performance of the same. Along with the same, 512 GB eUFS helps in minimizing the consumption of energy inevitably as compared to 256 GB eUFS. Speaking of the mapping speed, users will be surprised with the performance as it converts addresses from logical blocks to that of the physical dimension.

Read and Write exclusively!

When it comes to operations which are random, this eUFS can write around 40,000 IOPS and read around 42,000 IOPS which is not possible by other storage capacities as of now. Whether you compare this procedure with that of micro SD card; you will be surprised to know that the speed is almost 400 times faster than any other 100 IOPS conventional SD card. How does it benefit the user, if you ask! Well, the answer is quite simple: the users can enjoy their multimedia experience without any obstruction.

Think of seamless experience which includes shooting burst, downloading videos and searching the files while you use the phone in dual app mode. And that is all because of sequential reads and writes which is almost noted to be 860 MS per second and 255 MB per second respectively. This means that a user can transfer a high definition video clip to another device like SSD in just five to eight seconds. And well, we all know that it is much faster than any other micro SD card performance.

So what are you waiting for next! You know that you need this small device for a seamless performance especially if you are a next generation devices user. The technology is growing at every minute; it’s time for us to grow with the technology too! And 512 GB eUFS is just a small segment that will help you walk with the technology with utmost benefits that no other typical micro SD card will provide you with!