Rock On 2 Team! Kapil Sharma Show 5th November 2016 Episode Written Details


And the weekends are back! While every weekend is eagerly anticipated for some fun and frolic, The Kapil Sharma Show too also remains a reason that adds to our laughter dose.This week, too on 5th November The Kapil Sharma Show brought about its equal contribution of fun with the Rock On 2 stars appearing as guests for the show.

Let us give you a detailed update about the entire comic episode that took place yesterday so that even if you have missed it, you would know what was there in store for you.

Kapil Sharma Show Rock On 2 Cast Images wallpapers pics photos
Kapil Sharma Show Rock On 2 Cast Images wallpapers pics photos

Just like all other episodes, this episode of Tkks began with an act where Kapil took the role of Chappu (the matured kid with oily hairstyle as his signature mark.

He had come along with a new concept of the “Thoko Mobile Shop”, exclusively designed for the sale of mobiles that can be used for “Thokna”. Dr. Gulati came along with his usual avatar and this time his achievement was that he had been successful in closing the stomach of a patient that had been opened 25 years back.

The true dose of humour started to roll out when the Rock On 2 cast made their presence in the show. Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal and Shradhha Kapoor shared inputs from the film and also joined in the usual spells of laughter created by Kapil’s witty and humourous jokes.

Arjun Rampal was questioned whether he has been rejected for any film just because of his height. Farhan Akhtar revealed that he was a kind of kid in his childhood who used to wait for the guests’ arrival so that he could binge on the snacks brought for them.

Later on when Prachi Desai joined in the show, she too shared some happy notes about how the break in Rock On had been quite a miracle for her. The best part of the show was when Dr. Gulati brought along his humour with his “Rock Off” band. Sunil Grover aka Dr. Gulati had always been the show stealer and this time too he did not forget to live up to the trend.

The  cast also hummed a few lines from the evergreen songs like “Yeh Galiyan yeh chohbara” in the remix style. Some of the audience also earned an opportunity to interact with the cast, just like Kapil Sharma’s other shows.

The Rock On 2 episode ended on a happy note with the Lava Selfie.