Nursery Admission starts in the capital 2017-18, Parents on their toes for securing seat

Nursery Admission starts in the capital 2017-18, Parents on their toes for securing seat :- As the new session starts, admissions for nursery also begins from 2 January. Parents are on their toes for securing seat in nursery classes for their child. According to Directorate of Education(DoE),  oral test or interview or points given on achievements of parents will not be regarded in the admission process. And the admission criteria of schools should be well defined and not baised. You can find the admission criteria on the respective websites of the schools.
nursery admission start in delhi 2017-18
nursery admission start in delhi 2017-18
The DoE has also also reserved 25% seats in pre-school, pre-primary and Class I for Financially weaker sections and disadvantaged sections of the society.
The application process in the capital will continue till 23 January in 1400 schools as per the Delhi government.
The notice liberated by the DoE under the AAP government states that no school is allowed to charge more than INR 25 as registration fee.
If parents will have any queries regarding allotment of points to their child for admission, it will be resoved. For dealing with queries, the DoE has finalised three days, from February 16 to February 18.
The DoE will make sure, the admission procedure should be transparent and non- discriminatory.
And as decided by the Delhi government, the process will be completed till march 31.
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