Nokia 9 & Nokia 6 Get 3C Certification, Launch Date‎ ‎15th January 2018


Nokia 9 And Nokia 6 (2018) Get 3C Certification, Launch Expected In January: –With the advent of the New Year, 2018, there is some good news for those who were awaiting a release of a high-end Nokia phone version. The recent announcement from HMD Global helped in confirming the confusion that was happening as a result of some leaked news.

The two devices that will be released is Nokia 9, which is a high-end phone and the other one will be an upgraded version of either Nokia 6 or Nokia 8.

Nokia 9 3C certification

The News

While the announcement from the team itself may have made it possible to have some expectation regarding the new release, there was still some confusion regarding the upgraded version. However, recent news highlights Nokia on getting a 3C certificate for two devices. This definitely gives us a clue about the release of two Nokia devices by January 2018.

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Based on the leaked news, it is expected that Nokia will be hosting an event for the release of its phone on January 15. While the confusion regarding the upgraded version of Nokia 8 and Nokia 6 is still dominant, but getting the 3C certificate for two devices quite clears our doubts. It is thus expected that Nokia 9 and Nokia 6 will make an entry in this smartphone world by January.

Now, if you have a look at the 3C certification report, two model numbers have been indicated in the list, which is TA- 1054 and TA- 1042 respectively. Now based on the previous leaked reports and news and comparing the model numbers, it is quite clear that Nokia 6 and Nokia 9 have those respective above-mentioned model numbers.

Well, if you are wondering about the importance of a 3C certificate, let’s elaborate it a bit for you here.

The 3C Certificate aka The Compulsory Certification of China is a certification process that is a mandatory one. This certification judge a device based on various parameters, such as-

  • Customer security
  • Environment friendly
  • Health concerns
  • Security issues
  • Hygiene
  • Anti-fraud

Once these specific parameters are checked, only then it is possible to import it to China.

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A quick look at the Nokia 6 and Nokia 9 specifications

Nokia 6 Specification

nokia 6 specification features

Since it is an upgraded version, it will have many improved features. The camera and the hardware will be the two areas that will see significant upgraded features. Also, it is expected to have an 18:9 display and a 5.5-inch screen, with the trendy thin bezels that were seen on the previous Nokia 6 model. However, the add-ons are-

  • Navigation keys (on-screen)
  • Change in placement of fingerprint sensor
  • Dual camera (secondary)
  • Processor- Snapdragon 630 or 660
  • 4 GB RAM, 32 GB Internal storage

Nokia 9 Specification

nokia 9 specification

While it is going to be a high-end phone, in terms of specifications, it will have some similarity with Nokia 8 in terms of camera and design. Well, let’s take a dig at the features

  • 5.5 inch (HD) screen
  • 18:9 display ratio
  • Fingerprint scanner at the back
  • Dual camera
  • Android Oreo

Well, the best we can do is just waiting and keep our pennies ready. The Nokia 9 specifications are good enough to lure an individual and to it, January is no that far!