Modi’s Demonetization Hit Uttar Pradesh Election 2017

Modi's note ban has hit Uttar Pradesh election
Modi's note ban has hit Uttar Pradesh election

Modi’s Demonetization Hit Uttar Pradesh Election 2017 :- Demonetization has really hit hard to upcoming UP elections. Some of the opposition parties and politicians are scrambling to redraft campaign plans as per the expected election plans by early next year in Uttar Pradesh.

However, government has suggested that note have been abolished to rein in corruption. And the ruling party along with data suggests that elections in India’s politics are mostly funded with illicit cash. The draft campaign has been launched as for taking care of clean- up politics.

Modi's note ban has hit Uttar Pradesh election
Modi’s note ban has hit Uttar Pradesh election

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ban of high currency denomination notes has hit war chests of his rivals before a key state election in the upcoming year. Opposition parties are blaming the ruling government for the entire mess and personal profit as of controlling elections at their end.

There has also been widespread anger among millions forced to queue outside banks for changing small amount of money for legal tender and has dented support of the ruling BJP for short duration of time periods.

UP Polls – A Crucial win for MODI’s 2019 elections

Some of the opposition parties are scrambling to redraft campaign plans as state having more than 200 million population is a crucial win to Modi’s long-term plan for re-election in 2019.

The Prime minister in the last week has outlawed 500 and 1,000 rupee notes in a drive as to rein corruption and take care of shadow economy accounting for one fifth of India’s $2.1 trillion gross domestic produce.

In the state elections funding, illicit cash has become the lifeblood for political parties looking to collect money from candidates and even businessmen. They have been spending huge money at stage rallies and hiring helicopters as to hand out amazing gifts for winning the votes.

It has been estimated that despite of note ban the Uttar Pradesh election is forecast to hit a record Rs 40 billion in the upcoming year.

The opposition claims that BJP ties with big corporate donors can survive the cash crunch better and thereby helping Modi win Uttar Pradesh and other four territories heading for polls by early 2017.

UP is considered as the main battle ground and has become vital for winning elections in the state as to strengthen his party’s position in the upper house of parliament. Because the ruling party is still under minority in the house and managing the house before seeking second term in the 2019 general election.

The overall calculation suggests that it is going to hit hard to every political parties and in relative terms the BJP is going to come out stronger,” said Milan Vaishnav, one of the South Asia experts at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington.

As per the Centre for Media Studies, New Delhi tracking the campaign financing has suggested that BJP relies on cash for less than two-thirds of its funding in UP. However, the rival uses cash for managing more than 80 to 95 percent of campaign spending.

Demonetization would also force Congress one of the national party as to hold smaller rallies.