Latest Update : Apple Wireless AirPods Launch Date Delay Till January 2017

Apple Wireless AirPods images specification price in india
Apple Wireless AirPods images specification price in india

Apple Wireless AirPods launch Date Delay Till January 2017 :- Apple the name itself defines the brand image. Apple has made a strong bold move of just killing off the 3.5 mm audio jack with its iPhone 7. They have compensated for the loss by offering Cupertino giant bundled the Lightning EarPods with adapter and unveiling the small wireless AirPods. The brand started shipping AirPods since October after a short delay and fresh report suggests that they would be managing product till January 2017.

Newspapers report that supplier Inventec will begin the shipments only from January next year onwards. The revenue of the company is also expected as to grow by more than seven percent next year due to the AirPods orders.

The report of delay is almost justified and Apple also does not have any in-house solution for the same. The audio part on Iphone 7 leaving the rest of Lightning EarPods is the only solution. The brand is often being recognized for their great strength and its yield before releasing any product in the market place.

Apple Wireless AirPods launch Date features
Apple Wireless AirPods launch Date Delay Till January 2017

They have although launched new wireless Beats headphones in the market. The company was all set to launch the product by late October but the MacBook Pro event led to somewhat delay. There have been separate reports of Apple Insider claims that shipment will be taken into account by the end of this year only and not in a mood to push the same by next year at any cost. The standard cost as designated will cost $159 in the Indian present market place.

Airpods are usually classified as the pair of wireless in-ear headphones powered by Apple’s new W1 designed chips and has great gestures. The product is designed with seamless pairing detection and is solely Bluetooth powered.

The product has unmatchable quality as compared to ‘Bluetooth-like’ technology developed by Apple. They have been offering a battery life of up to five hours with a single charge. So, after 5 hours only the device is again to be inserted to the charging case. The case can also hold additional charge and thereby letting people to go up to 24 hours of usage without any access to power outlet as acclaimed by Apple.

He brand is officially delaying the launch of its Ipads as it needs time to make wireless earbuds perfect as o match the expectations of the people. You could always check the tweets and shared profiles as released by the company for its product update and all.

Apple Wireless AirPods images specification price in india
Apple Wireless AirPods images specification price in india

The early response has been incredible towards Airpods. You just need to be ready for ordering and offering a shipping order for the brand new product. People are quite happy of the new product release and when Apple killed off the headphone jack in its latest iPhone.

They have been looking for replacement with a Lightning-enabled pair of EarPods to work around dongle and connect your old headphones in the long run. The brand new Apple’s newest MacBook Pro laptops has been unveiled last week and has retained old 3.5 mm headphone jack.

There are questions arising as, Why did Apple kill the headphone jack in the iPhone without taking into account MacBook Pro? This question is still to be answered in all sense.

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