Kim Jong Un makes first official mention of US talks

kim jong un makes first official mention of US talks
kim jong un makes first official mention of US talks

Soo much we know about this…yet we are surprised daily. Sometime it’s the heat wave or sometimes the cold shoulder…It is Charismatic Kim who keeps the heart tremble. No, it’s not Kardarshian beauty…but Pyongyang’s heartthrob, who is the only reason of sleepless nights of Mr. Trump. Why Sleepless nights, because with changing game rules, Kim has been surprising POTUS every now and then.

kim jong un makes first official mention of US talks
kim jong un makes first official mention of US talks

Recently, Nuclear Fan became Musical Fan that has shocked the world. People including superpower America is clueless of the plans this Korean leader has for the world. So, what exactly is Kim Jong Un’s Game Plan? No worries, we are set to take you and the world out of the nail biting situation and give you an insight of what you exactly should know. Six years after inheriting power of the North Korean Regime, Jong’s Korea has reached unprecedented nuclear heights. When the world was set to believe that the End is near, Kim has changed the rules of the game he mastered in.

As the world is living in speculations with who is going to meet whom, Korean leader has finally acknowledged his day out with rival Trump. According to state media reports, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has publicly acknowledged talks with America. With millions of army men, gaggle of intercontinental ballistic missiles and a growing nuclear arsenal, Kim Jon Un has finally showed interest in meeting his rival counterpart. Now that Kim has also shown interest in the summit, the world is hoping for a patch-up after the meet. If talks go ahead, it would be the first time a sitting US president would be meeting a North Korean leader.

Here the world is hoping for a positive meet, but Pyongyang seems to have a different plan.  Experts believe North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is playing different cardsReports say that kim’s nuclear factory is active like never before and is all set for Christmas. No not that clichéd Santa’s Cristmas, but this time it’s going to be Satan’s Bell that may rock the world. North Korea is all set to celebrate their Day of the Sun i.e. 15th April with another nuclear show. Kim understands without manipulations this nuclear show may result in war with America and hence, kim is trying his best to mend his ways for the best show ever. The day of the Sun is an annual public holiday in North Korea which is the birth anniversary of North Korean Founder Kim ll-sung. North Korea has a history of celebrating this day with pomp and show. As expected, this year also kim has planned for a nuclear extravaganza which might be a trouble for Donald Trump.

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