Its True! Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Planning For Wedding This Christmas

Blake Shelton Gwen stefani images pics wedding
Blake Shelton Gwen stefani images pics wedding

Sneak a Peek Into The Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Wedding Planning:  Coming from different cultures, which they both admit, have helped them to share differences with, the next big buzz in the music industry is the knot between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Although both have maintained a chosen silence over any official declaration of the engagement and wedding yet their appearance at the White House’s State Dinner together implies a lot over the upcoming big event.

Further, Blake reportedly took Stefani for a Ranch celebration on her birthday setting rumor mills ablaze over whether he finally popped the big question ‘Will She’?!

Blake Shelton Gwen stefani images pics wedding
Blake Shelton Gwen stefani images pics wedding

Image Sources : E Online

The duo has never shied away from acknowledging their relationship, for which their respective broken marriages (Blake’s second and Gwen’s first marriage) and shared tears of heartbreak became the reason they embraced each others comfort.

With 4th of November marking their one year anniversary of being a couple, both US Weekly and The People confirmed sources that spoke of an approaching wedding anytime soon! Based on trusted sources, the duo have started meeting up with vendors to finalize on their wedding event making it as perfect as ever!

An insider from Gwen’s side maintains that the wedding, rumored to be anywhere before the end of year or early next year that makes for either a Christmas or a summer wedding, is not being conceived as a biggie.

Although Gwen would like it to go traditional while Blake prefers a quick and intimate one, yet for both, this one being their second and third marriage respectively, they prefer the celebrations to be low key and restricted without a big bash. Whether traditional or minimal, that remains to be seen until the big day!

From TMZ’s latest report, both have zeroed in on Jerri Woolworth, celebrity event planner to get them going for keeping all the wedding events on track! With this news, fans for both and all of us should be well rejoicing the fact that the D day is only a matter of time now!