Infinix Zero 5 Launched In China | Specification Features Price | Where to buy?

infinix zero 5 first impressions,specification,features,price

Infinix Zero 5 Launched In China | Specification Features Price | Where to buy? Infinix, a notable brand, has launched a new Smartphone model in the Indian market with the hope to maximize its profits. The Smartphone dubbed Infinix Zero 5 is tagged at a price of INR 17,999. Those who are not satisfied with the price tag and would like to go for a higher one can consider buying the Infinix Zero 5 pro for a price of INR 19,999.

infinix zero 5 first impressions,specification,features,price

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What to Expect from the Infinix Zero 5:

If you are wondering why you should consider buying the Infinix Zero 5 over the peers, exploring its features may help you understand a thing. The smartphone features:

  1. 5.98-inch Full HD screens
  2. dual-camera
  3. Good Battery support
  4. 6GB RAM
  5. microSD card

Where to buy?

The Hong Kong-based manufacturers behind the latest edition have already rolled out the Smartphone in the Indian market. Launched on November 22, 2017, the Smartphone is being sold exclusively through In case, you wish to buy the Smartphone you will need to have a Flipkart account first.

What is the difference Between Infinix Zero 5 and Pro?

The two Smartphones come with almost similar features. What makes them different is the inbuilt storage space. The Infinix Zero 5 comes with an inbuilt storage space of 64GB while the pro version boots an internal memory of 128GB.

infinix zero 5 dual camera smartphone

Infinix Zero 5 – Features:

  1. Screen: The Infinix Zero 5 boots a large screen of 5.98-inch 1080p. The display comes with a protective covering of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The large screen enhances video watching experience.
  2. Dual-lens camera: The Smartphone comes with a dual-lens camera setup. Using the camera one can zoom to up to 2X optical as well as 10x digital zoom. The Smartphone uses the 13MP telephoto lens as well as a 12MP wide-angle lens. The front camera has 16MP selfie camera. The camera can capture broken images and restore them.
  1. Storage: The Smartphone boots ample storage to save apps and files. It has 6GB RAM that allows the users to multitask without slowing down the Smartphone.
  2. Android Nougat: The Smartphone runs on Android Nougat together with OS XOS Hummingbird V3.0 software customized by the manufacturer.
  3. Expandable Internal Memory: The internal memory of the Smartphone can be expanded with microSD card. The internal storage can be expanded to 128 GB.
  4. Dual Hand Use: The Smartphone cannot be operated with one hand.
  5. Dual SIM Phone: The Smartphone comes with a two SIM slot.
  6. Fingerprint Scanner: The Smartphone comes with a fingerprint scanner. The scanner is located on the back panel of the phone.
  7. Large Battery: Well, with this Smartphone you don’t have to worry about recharging the battery again and again. The Infinix Zero 5 is backed by a large 4,350mAh non-removable battery. Its battery lasts longer.
  8. Accessories: The Smartphone comes with a 18W x charger, a transparent silicone case, Type C cable and a pair of standard earphones.

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The Infinix Zero 5 is likely to dominate the Indian market with its features and long battery life. With many features that the Smartphone boosts, there isn’t any reason why you should not consider buying it.