Holi 2018 : Precautions For Pregnant Women During Holi

Precautions For Pregnant Women During Holi
Precautions For Pregnant Women During Holi

Holi is time to rejoice, celebrate and enjoy with family friends and relatives. But an expecting mum or infertile couples who after treatment are about to deliver a baby should take special care during this festive season. Dr A Suresh Kumar, IVF specialist & Director Assuperspecialityality Hospital, Raipur, Chhattisgarh tell us few points which if taken care of, the festival could be enjoyed in full swing without leading to any problem in future.

Precautions For Pregnant Women During Holi
Precautions For Pregnant Women During Holi

Playing Holi during pregnancy can land you in a number of disastrous troubles. For your good health and your foetus’s well-being, it is advisable that you avoid playing holi this year or follow the given advices on celebrating Holi without inviting trouble.

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Precautions For Pregnant Women During Holi

  • Pregnant women should stay away from the people burning Holika bonfire. They should try and avoid synthetic materials in their clothing as they catch fire easily. They should instead try and wear cotton clothes. Also, women should be extremely careful to avoid any kind of burn injuries as they are difficult to treat during pregnancy. Since pregnant women are more vulnerable and can’t be given just about any medication, as there is a chance that it could harm the foetus, it is important that women take extra precaution.
  • Holi, the festival of colors is incomplete without playing colors with near and dear ones. If you are using colors made at home with natural ingredients such as fruits and flowers then it is considered safe for you and your baby. You can also use the natural colors made up of herbal or vegetable dyes. Herbal Dyes which use herbal or floral extract , act as anti-oxidants for you. Be careful if you wish to use gulal as they are synthetic and contain number of chemicals which might have harmful effects on the skin leading to miscarriage, abortion, low birth weight or premature birth. Morever, the synthetic colors contain lead oxide, copper copper sulphate, industrial dyes and pieces of crushed glass which can have an adverse affect on your reproductive system, nervous system and kidneys. Holi with herbal gulal is best suited option for you.
  • If you are thinking of playing Holi with water, then keep this idea at bay as it increase your chances of slipping. This may lead to unimaginable consequences such as brain injuries to foetus, displacement of foetus, miscarriage and other physiological defects. Premature caesarean delivery can take place if you happen to slip in early period of the last trimester which has its own repercussion. Hence Dry Holi can keep you away from this unfortunate mishappening.
  • Another important factor pregnant women should take care of is their diet. “Since Holi is the festival when most people gorge on sweets and fried snacks, pregnant women should try and keep their sweet intake to a minimal. This is because there is a high chance of them developing gestational diabetes. This can further complicate the matter for them” informs Dr A Suresh Agarwal. Those who are already diagnosed with gestational diabetes should be extra careful as sweets intake will further increase blood sugar level and fatty food elevates the cholesterol level thereby, resulting stern complications of gestational diabetes such as birth defects in the borned child, stillbirth and obese child. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid sugary & oily food on holi when you are pregnant.
  • It’s instructed to not to allow yourself to have countless beverages. Keep a watch on your caffeine intake. Not only tea, coffee or cold drink but chocolate also have caffeine. Another drink you should keep yourself away is from Bhang Lassi (popular holi drink). Bhang is an intoxicant and has narcotic properties which can make you feel drowsy and sleepy. It’s consumption can boost your blood pressure and heart rate. Bhang can also affect unborn child’s brain and nervous system.
  • In the extensive preparation of Holi when pregnant ladies are busy in shopping and other house hold things, they should make a point to  intake small portions of healthy food and liquid every two hours .This would help them not to feel dizzy and save them from lethargic as well as fainting attacks.
  • Though it is recommended not to go around when the festival is going on but in case its required then while stepping out carry an umbrella with you which can prevent you from water  or any water balloons. Be on toes while crossing busy market place or entering residential colonies.
  • It’s appreciable if you wear clothes with long sleeves or salwars or full length pants to safeguard your skin.
  • Nicely apply Oil , petroleum jelly or moisturizer on your face and exposed parts it will prevent colors from being soaked up by the skin. It will also easier your work of washing them off afterwards.
  • Emergency kits and the contact numbers of doctors etc should be kept ready so that god forbid if some mishappening take place or emergency labour pain starts , all possible help is available for the pregnant women to take her to the hospital.
Dr A Suresh Kumar

Article Submitted By Dr A Suresh Kumar, IVF specialist & Director, Ashoka Superspeciality Hospital, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

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