Did You Know There Is An App To Find Missing Children?Helping Faceless App

helping faceless apps to find missing children
helping faceless apps to find missing children

In India almost every day a number of kids disappear actually, it’s kind of difficult to achieve each family to put a face to the measurement. Still, online networking has assumed a gallant part to locate some lost souls. Consistently we see numerous posts on Facebook of missing youngsters and we share it with the expectation that the tyke will be brought together with their adoring family.

In this way, to bring online networking combination with the quest for missing youngsters to the following level, Shashank Singh had concocted an application called ‘Helping Faceless’ which was dispatched in 2013. Here’re a few certainties about the Helping Faceless application that truly is and thought that can interface lost youngsters with their folks.

helping faceless apps to find missing children
helping faceless apps to find missing children

Helping Faceless Apps To Find Missing Children

Founder was almost lost

It is shocking, that Shashank Singh, the author of the application was practically shanghaied, when he was a youngster. It was a fizzled endeavor by the hijacker, thus he was spared. Be that as it may, unfortunately, every kid is not all that fortunate, so to locate those unfortunate souls, Shashank made this application.

Well designed

Helping faceless is an all-around planned application, beating all the essential hindrances. The application was produced with a face acknowledgment programming, which tries to coordinate the transferred photograph with database made in the back-end from assets like, Police, NGOs, and so forth.

Photo for a cause

We the capable nationals of the nation can take the couple of minutes it takes to snap some photographs of the children lounging around in the city, asking or filling in as day by day wage work. At that point utilizing this application we can transfer them into the framework. On the off chance that there is a match then our minor exertion can associate those lost youngsters with their families.

Login to Facebook

One needs to login to their Facebook record to utilize the application. We can click a photo of the kid we see meandering out and about alone or can coordinate the child’s face with existing photographs in the application.

Search begins

In the event that you feel that it’s the same tyke in the photo, then snap yes to start the enquiry. The data will be exchanged to the key source and afterward the inquiry will start.

Breaking the barriers

“Helping faceless” has a WhatsApp aggregate additionally in which one can send photographs and data of missing kids.

Flexible but rigid

Till now just 5000 clients have the application on their cell phones, so because of less effect and backing the colleagues are confronting challenges to make new photos accessible. They are anticipating partner with more NGOs, so that that ‘Helping Faceless’ can turn out to be more operational.

Their dream

They long for making this application more impactful and reachable. They need to locate each lost soul with the goal that they can meet their families. Bigger range can obviously help in halting or if nothing else cutting down human trafficking, so how about we be human this time and download this application for a decent aim.