Google unveiled Android Oreo Go Edition For Budget Smartphone

google android oreo go edition

Google unveiled Android Oreo Go Edition For Budget Smartphone:- Android has always been a prior choice for smartphone users. In fact, speaking of low-end smartphone users, the majority is shared by the Android operating system market. Speaking of the same, Google commits to launch Android version which is a perfect design for the low-end audience in India. But well, don’t get confused with the world launch here, as Android Go (Oreo version) is announced for the developers and manufacturers in the market. So if you have been saving for today to buy a lower end android phone, you might have to wait a little longer as this treat is launched for the developers only.

google android oreo go edition

Google Android Oreo Go Edition

Please note that this version will not be available for the users yet, but one can hope for an official launch of Oreo Go version among the users of the Android smartphones sooner. Speaking of Android Oreo, many low-end users were facing tough time connecting to the interface properly with 1 GB or 512 MB RAM. The troublesome experience is a factual reason behind the premise of Android GO version. So if you carry a second phone that doesn’t include in the common flagship features like 4GB RAM, this version is a perfect solution for you!

As per stated by Google, when the user will configure their phone to GO version, they can easily access interesting Google applications like Google assistant, Gmail, maps and so on just on their fingertips. And if you are fond of watching YouTube videos more often on your phone, GO version will help you with unique features like downloading your favorites using Wi-Fi configurations. Go version is entitled to a slimmer operating system version where storage amount will be cut to half by default and users can enjoy more apps and space in their brand new smartphones too!

google android go apps

With Android GO version, your browser will be supported with Google server. What does that mean to you, if you ask! Well, one can consider this feature as a data-saving property where the size of the files will be reduced before they are downloaded from your browser to your phone storage. Speaking of which, let’s not forget Datally App that will help you with a track record of where your data is revolving really.

And for those who are comparing the configurations of Android Go and Android One, well you might want to do some homework on the same. Well, of course, they both were intended to improve the interface quality of the smartphones at lower ends, but they work on different dimensions.

google for india oreo go apps

The good news for all the manufacturers is that after the launch of Android Oreo Go version, the entire open source project will be available on everyone’s plate. So get ready to enjoy a better interface on your lower end smartphones soon.

So if you are waiting for a redefined experience with Google applications in affordable and lower-end smartphones, Android Oreo go version is a perfect built for your choice! Speak of storage, better performance, application developers, security, and data saving; you will be delighted with the advanced features that will perfectly compliment your pocket without hurting. If it’s the App size you were worried about, Oreo Go version is a perfect choice to use everything under lighter upgrades with better and improved performance.

The version will help the users with smooth experience of the interface where playing games and sending emails from your lower end device will be more fun and faster this time. Finding directions on a lower end smartphone was always a troublesome task, isn’t it! But Oreo Go version will help you improved experience where tracking directions will be better and easier than before. With unique features like peer-to-per sharing and data saver, your data will finally be controlled at your fingertips.

google android oreo assistant jiophone

The security with Android Go version will help you keep your data and application safe every minute and hour of every day. Technology is a smarter move to the civilization and Google just build a perfect solvent in the similar pool.

And well well, one might not be aware of the fact, but India is known to be a nation with the most number of Android users. And that explains, why Android Oreo Go version is said to launch in India first. After all, India beats the US in the majority of Android phone users.

Not sure whether it’ a statement of pride or not, but the news of launch is definitely a piece of information that excites everyone. Google will launch Go version alongside Android 8.1 release in the nation. So make sure you check the time zone properly and get ready for an interesting launch that will set free some troublesome issues for lower-end users. Yes, Google knows it all, and it helps in building solutions for every type and norm!