Good News For Common Man! ATM Withdrawal limit To Increased 10,000 Rs

Cash withdrawal limit from ATMs increased
Cash withdrawal limit from ATMs increased

Good news for common man! Withdrawal limit increased finally.The main problem nowadays is just one. The effect of demonetization. No money, going cashless, big loss in businesses and many more. But all these things are for a great cause. For fighting against corruption. Yes, for this great cause, all these things are getting done.

Cash withdrawal limit from ATMs increased
Cash withdrawal limit from ATMs increased

The decision of getting new currency notes wasn’t easy though. Whether it is for a common man or a celebrity, everyone has to go through the same bank never ending queues. And in return you can just withdraw rs 2500 in a day in the initial days which wasn’t enough. Then the limit increased to 4500 by RBI. But again, people were getting difficulties in running their lives. However, many steps were taken like to get money from Big Bazar, petrol pumps and many stores.

So now, there is a good news for you all. The limit of withdrawing the money has been increased to 10,000 from 4500. Yes, you heard it right. Now you can withdraw 10,000 from your ATM in one day. Not just that but the limit of current accounts has also been increased. Initially it was 50,000 rs per week but now it is 1 lakh per week.

So a big news and a great news as well. Isn’t it? So now say no to long queues and withdrawing some penny every day. What are you waiting for? Go and withdraw it in one go.

What are your views over this step taken by RBI ? Will it work or will fail again? Please do share.

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