Frapp Apps Startup Story Armaan Vananchal Karan Karnik Niranjan Nakhate

Startup ideas
Startup ideas

Frapp, one of the recognized apps founders as like three graduates who own access for deals from famous brands. They help in getting internships with low cost college food within the city. The startup is a great thing by all means and when you are at the age group of 16 years, there is always a new world waiting besides you. The latest cool collection of gadgets with hang outs and branded pair of jeans is really an amazing choice by all means. However, in student life you might be counting for every single rupee of your pocket money.

There were 3 men in their 20’s who had been at the same place for not too log period of time frame saw a business opportunity. In the year 2014, Armaan Vananchal (25), Karan Karnik (23) and Niranjan Nakhate (23) engaged themselves to the sole task of creating an app.

The app was named as Frapp and has been claimed to be recognized as India’s first and largest student benefits platform. Students can always access to great coupons, deals and managing top brands with internships and campus ambassador programs.

The app has become a single stop solution for all kinds of student needs. The app acted as great platform for internship and cool offers as in the words of Mr. Nakhate. Frapp has even created a home page for student’s personal life revolving around the profile he or she creates with the same. The entire needs of the students are easily being addressed on the same platform. This is the real vision of making such an app.

The seed of Frapp and its concept was planted on campus. The founders of the app include BBA graduates from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Sciences. However, Mr. Vananchal one of the senior was working on some other project as like business-plan project on student discounts.

Thy connected with Mr. Karnik and Mr. Nakhate for the same great project and began working on the cards as to help students manage discounts at establishments near their campus. Hey discovered the fact that there is lack of such concept in India but although such facility is available outside India and other nations.

They found that big brands like Starbucks or Forever keep on running student discount campaigns. So, they thought that student card was not the optimal solution and can easily be duplicated.

They all went in separate directions after college. They stayed in touch with the concepts stayed and finally quit their jobs and decided to go for the same. So, Mumbai was selected as the best place to roll over.

The city was selected due to all the big brands availability along with mix of colleges and students. However, Mr. Nakhate has been in Mumbai for so many years and had the advantage of knowing colleges of being networked at the same place.

Hey started their journey from the basement and got to manage a great website for them. Soon they became brand influencers with the passage of time. Frapp always helps brand engage them with the students. He app also help students build their resumes and securing internships.

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