Finally Serif Affinity Photo Launch For Windows With Free Public Beta

serif affinity photo for windows
serif affinity photo for windows

Serif Affinity Photo arrives on Windows with free public beta :- Affinity is coming for windows- It’s one of the most exciting news for today as the company is soon going to launch Affinity on Windows later in the year. They are being honest and have told that they have been working on this for some time as of now. The technical challenges as involved in the case are quite reluctant and have been taken into account for a definite schedule. The development has become quite better as expected and has built an Alpha for affinity designer as running n Windows and has great features.

They have been managing as to expect and put public beta as like 2 months time frame. If you are looking to run Windows set up and want to be one of the first, just put your name down for free available beta version. You could always sign up for FREE Windows beta version in the long run.

If you are one of among the Mac users, it is always a positive step to look further. The basic version of Windows has great replica of being done on Mac and including 100% file compatibility. They have improved adoption and file sharing ability of every single person in the near future.

They also own separate team of Windows developers who are never compromising with the progress of Mac versions with couple of great updates as like affinity designers. Mark Ingram is one of the recognized Affinity Windows developers. He has been using Designer on a surface as being head of Windows Development. They have been also taking care of Screenshot as Affinity on Windows.

The new brand would take care of Windows versions of first time weekend photography images. They take care of Photography Show at the NEC here in the UK. They will help you in managing and making sure that you follow the stuffs on facebook and twitter accounts.

serif affinity photo for windows
serif affinity photo for windows

They would be also taking footage on weekend. The big news is that if you really want to take part in the discussion it is of course the best forum thread to manage the same. You could always solve questions or discuss prospects as required.

People often say that the biggest rivals to Adobe Photoshop has finally arrived for PC users none other than Serif’s Affinity Photo. They take care of professional image editor with window users with free public data for all domains.

The product was originally available only for Apple users and the software is highly being praised taking into account photographers and editors in the long run. The image was chosen by Apple as the best Mac App of 2015.

The beta version also proffers Windows users the real chance to try Affinity Photo free of cost. They would be taking care of as soon as possible before the same goes for sale. They also take care of new features as available with the software’s fifth and latest update versions of 1.5.

You could always visit the sign-up page as to download Affinity Photo’s beta version at present. The windows pricing will match affinity Mac pricing at easy cost to around US$49.99 only.