Finally Nikon Start Home Delivery Of KeyMission 360 Camera In United State US


Finally Nikon Start Home Delivery Of KeyMission 360 Camera In United State US :- Cameras have always attracted people of all ages. If you are really looking to get one of them, the Nikon Key Mission 360 is of course the best choice to look for. It is a dual lens action camera that captures two 180°+ UHD 4K images and joins them into a single 360 degree video.

Such images are often viewed using VR goggles or on 360 platforms as like YouTube 360. You could always move around the image in every direction. The image can be also uploaded as the stitched image is taken into account for various VR editing software and enhanced before looking with goggles or 360 platforms.


The Key Mission 360 has also featured into rugged design and built as to withstand the elements without any kind of additional housing related features. The device is water proof down to 100 ft and even shock proof from a range of 6.6 ft and can easily manage any kind of freezing related issues and dusts as well.

Nikon 360 Keymission Camera Specification And Key Features

There is no any kind of additional layer required between the lens and mic with your subject and offers cleaner image and great audio coverage.

The Key Mission 360 often provides internal electronic vibration reduction for managing 1080p capture and thereby reducing the normal effects of shaking and jittering with the outdoor adventures.

They have been also offering smooth and final image for all prospects. The free-to-download Nikon control with the playback app is included within the camera and is quite compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

The Camera is quite capable of recording Ultra HD 4K resolution at 24 fps and manages Full HD 1080p video taking care of 1440 x 960 video at 25/30 fps, & 29MP image.

Whenever you look for shooting both the lens works automatically at the same time. Every lens featuring 7 lens contains 7 groups and takes care of approximately 12″ focusing distance. The Key mission 360 uses glass Nikon Nikon lenses and thereby representing the general commitment for the group.

The device is available with a long set of accessories including the cage made Silicone Jacket, lens protector as to take care of scratches and underwater lens protector thereby allowing you to get good focus under water. The device supports optional key mission as like accessories for riding and managing daily outdoor activities in a better way as whenever needed.

The strong key features of the device also help in capturing stitches with two 180 degree images with ultra HD 4K resolution at 24 fps. The camera offers you with full 360° spherical VR image.

They have been offering video recording at 1080 at 24 fps and even 24/25 fps. You can always look for 29MP still-image capture with the camera. The camera is waterproof for 100 ft, shockproof from 6.6 ft and so on. They have internal electronic Vibration Reduction for great capture.

The camera also features up with Nikon glass lens. The latest model also has built-in Wi-fi and blue tooth device system with Micro-HDMI output and Micro-USB 2.0 interface as an added advantage.

The micro SD card slot has been designed taking into account camera and its quality features to a great extent possible. You can always share all your experience as soon as have a camera in your hand.