Read Here! EC New Voting Features Added In Upcoming 5 State Assembly Election

Chief Election Commissioner of India
Dr. Nasim Zaidi taking charge at the Chief Election Commissioner of India

Election Commission Added New Features In Upcoming Election :-The Election Commission of India is an self governing constitutional control accountable for managing election processes in India.This body orchestrates elections to the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, state legislatures and the President’s offices and Vice President’s offices in India.The Commission has the authority under the Constitution to act in an fitting manner when the sanctioned laws make in adequate facilities to deal with a particular situation in the conduct of an election.

Chief Election Commissioner of India
Dr. Nasim Zaidi taking charge at the Chief Election Commissioner of India

1.Expenditures of Election

The Election commission has marked the campaign expenses limit between RS 20 lacs and Rs 28 lacs per candidates in the upcoming five states. All expense will be closes monitored. The stalls offering voters with tea and snacks outside polling centers will also be calculated in the candidate’s expense budget.

2.E-postal Ballot Facility for Armed Force

The ‘E-Postal Ballot System’ i.e ‘Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System’ will make the voting during UP polls much easier for those candidates who are posted in missions abroad. It includes defense, para- military personnel also. This system facilitates an authorize service voter to cast their vote . It can be done easily using electronically through postal ballot from anywhere outside his constituency. Presently these candidate send their votes by post.

3.Assistance Booths of Voters

The election commission official will facilitate with voter assistance booth outside every polling station to help voters.

  1. Banning Paid News

In collaboration with Press Council of India the EC will take their help and administrate paid news. EC is planning to ban paid new prior to elections. Election expense budget with take care of the media coverage paid to favor any party or candidate .

5.Eco-Friendly Elections

EC is encouraging to use Eco-friendly materials while campaigning . EC is advising the parties to refrain themselves from using plastic, careless use of crackers and reckless use of crackers.Police officers and election officials would make sure that these norms are followed and respected.

6.Multi-color Voter Guides

constituents will be provided with free voter guides which consists of colorful text and images to acquaint them with candidates and voting methodologies. The EC also declared that posters notifying the locations of booths to the voters. It would includes other important “Dos and Donts” at all polling stations.

7.Increased Height of Polling Booths

Election Commission has taken action from the complaints received from previous elections by raising the height of the voting compartment. It will be increased to 30 inches in this election. This will cover the entire upper part of the voter’s body, so the movement of their body cannot be traced and others wont be aware of the button they are pressing.

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