Crackdown On Black Money Will Help Clean UP Election 2017 Process

Crackdown black money
Crackdown on black money will help clean up election process

Crackdown On Black Money Will Help Clean UP election 2017 Process :- Demonetization and crack down on black money will help clean up the entire election process. The latest Centre’s move to pull high denomination notes out of circulation is of course in some way Election Commission’s efforts to end the chronic electoral malpractice from politician’s side having unaccounted wealth with illicit cash.

The timing is quite crucial as because of upcoming UP elections is soon going to take place any time next year. The announcement from government’s side has really made poll panels happy because of five states along with politically-crucial Uttar Pradesh and Punjab is voting for their new assemblies.

Crackdown black money
Crackdown on black money will help clean up election process

Crack Down On Black Money

The Commission is engaged in taking stringent steps as to check out the use of illicit funds and start mobilizing money with the political parties a few months before the elections. The former election commissioner SY Qureshi said on Wednesday that money reaches to its destinations before the election is announced.

He also mentioned that “As elections are due in early 2017, money has started to circulate already and such steps would put a check on the same”.

Punjab and Up last assembly elections case study

In Punjab Political parties fully take elections as the game of cash and commission confirmed that the Centre’s move will squeeze the availability of cash as new notes will be issued under close and strict RBI checks.

The demonetization would make their job easier as new notes would not be available in large numbers as told by Punjab chief electoral officer VK Singh.

As for example in the 2012 Punjab elections, the commission seized Rs 12 crore along with narcotics to be distributed among voters. Same is the case with politically-sensitive Uttar Pradesh with 403 assembly constituencies, as Rs 37.46 crore was seized in 2012. “Money always plays a big role especially during elections in India”.

Studies have showed that distribution of cash among the people to influence the voting pattern is quite common in rural areas.

Political parties mainly use black money in high denomination notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes as told by SK Dwivedi, a former professor of political science at Lucknow University.

Mayawati has told that “We run our majority of our workers are poor and our campaign runs with small donations from workers as told by BSP state unit president, Ramachal Rajbhar.

Some of the congress leaders holds similar views as like Veerendra Madan told that the party does not rely on black money and candidates spend within the poll panel’s prescribed limit only.

However, traders are not happy and sellers of campaign materials are facing stiff competition with the digital media like Twitter, Facebook and all. They would feel that their businesses would soon going to suffer in the near term elections.

Some of the parties are also adjusting plans in Uttar Pradesh as politician with the incumbent Samajwadi Party in the city of Mathura would rely mainly on his team of volunteers as to stay connected with the voters.

Parties are also paying their workers to queue at banks and swap old notes for new ones and evade scrutiny from tax inspectors as being reported. Event managers are officially worried as election time is best choice for their booming businesses.