Check Out 2017 Horror Film! Danger First Look Poster Released


Time has changed and so is the choices of people. With changing trend Bollywood has again come up with something new in 2017, which to our surprise is a horror movie named ‘Danger’. It is considered to be Amir khan’s brother Faissal Khan’s comeback movie.  Faissal Khan is struggling to make a comeback in the industry. His last memorable role was is Mela along with Aamir Khan and Twinkle Khanna.

After his failed attempt as an actor, Faissal switched on to production and direction. But he didn’t get much success with the same too. He was on a break for a long time owing to health issues, but now he is all set to revive his career as an actor. Faissal’s upcoming film, Danger, is a horror thriller and is surely not for the light hearted.

danger horror movie 2017 first look poster
danger horror movie 2017 first look poster

The movie is thought to be inspired by real life incidents of Bihar’s Gaya Hotel and its brutal owner. The owner of the hotel used to kill people and served their meat to other customers .The poster itself shows  a trimmed head on a white plate, ready to be served.

Through the first look of the movie which is released on 21st December is an obvious message to the audience that the movie is not for light hearted people and is all ready to scare the shit of its audience.

It is even considered to set a mark as a horror film in Indian cinema as India has still not delivered an outstanding movie in this genre. The film makers seem to be pretty confident about the movie and they are all ready to see this movie as a blockbuster.

danger 2017 film poster first look
danger 2017 film poster first look

Major part of the film in shot in Coorg, Karnataka. The movie also stars actresses like Vedita Pratap Singh, Kavita Radheshyam and Sony Charishta in crucial roles.The movie is said to hit the theatres in February.

Till then we are all only left with the thought and amazement about how this film is going to be. The poster itself has raised our curiosity towards the movie so we are now only waiting for the trailer to release soon and then the movie.