leaked video from the pcr control room of bigg boss 10 goes viral

bigg boss 10 pcr control roon viral video leaked
bigg boss 10 pcr control roon viral video leaked

Bigg Boss a very famous Reality show of Indian television is always in news for its controversies and happenings in the house. The motive of the show is to keep some celebrities in isolated conditions away from their home, friends, family and their lavish lifestyles. During the show they are supposed to all house hold chores all by themselves along with the extra task provided to them.

People think that their celebrities are working hard to survive in the show and having a taste of life of a common man with servants to do every single task. But a recent leaked video of control room of Big Boss season 10 has put a question mark on the reality of this reality television show.

bigg boss 10 pcr control roon viral video leaked
bigg boss 10 pcr control roon viral video leaked

The leaked video shows people glued to their desktops and keeping a watch over what’s happening in the house and decide what content is to be sent on air. There is nothing very surprising in the leaked video but it portrays two very interesting aspects.

First of all, it is for the very first time that the viewers can see what goes behind the cameras of a reality T.V. show. Secondly, the video came online a day after evicted contestant Priyanka Jagga claimed that the show is scripted.

So now the new leaked video of Bigg Boss’ control room does not prove anything but it can also be speculated that this might be in response to  Priyanka Jagga’s claim. It is still not clear whether to believe on the video or not, maybe it has some other meaning. Maybe the professionals are sitting like viewers only  as antics to Bigg Boss contestants.

But if we recall then this is not the first time that the show has been called scripted. Time and again we have seen that the troubled or evicted contestants call the show as scripted, so why would anyone even bother to defend it this time.

But still we don’t believe that even after so many allegations the show is ever going to witness any drop in number of viewers or fans.