Bigg Boss 11 Written Update: Arshi Khan New Captain! BB11 6th Dec 2017 Episode

bigg boss 11 arshi khan

Bigg Boss 11 Written Update: Arshi Khan New Captain! BB11 6th Dec 2017 66 Day Episode :- This week the luxury budget task seems to be very funny cool. All the contestants were to become the babysitters of the other contestants. Arshi is the babysitter of Shilpa, Puneesh of Luv, Shilpa of Priyank, Akash of Hiten, Hiten of Hina, Priyank of Puneesh and Hina of Akash. All the contestants had to take care of their baby. At every sound of baby crying, they had to take the baby pram and fit it in the parking slot. Whichever baby was the last one to go would be out from the race of captainship.

arshi khan bigg boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 6th December 2017 Episode Written Update

In the beginning, Priyank was the first person who was not able to park Puneesh’s pram in the park and thus Puneesh came out from the list of captaincy nomination.

The game took a bad turn when all contestants were trying to convince others to let them become the captain. Akash intentionally did not go to park the pram of Hiten on which Hiten got very angry with him. At last Akash asked Hina not to take his pram to the park as he didn’t want to become the captain of the house.

Arshi is sad with Vikas

In the middle of the task, Arshi asked Vikas if he will make her the captain. On this Vikas told her that it is not his game alone, others are also a part of it and they won’t allow Arshi to become the captain. She got upset with him as he was trying to support Puneesh.

bigg boss 11 arshi khan

Hina shouts at Hiten

Today’s game is gonna be more interesting when there will be a lot of fun inside the house. During the task, Hiten gave up which made Hina angry and she started shouting at him. She even said that Hiten is the tail of Vikas and he is not playing the game correctly. She told him loudly that play as a leader and don’t become a blind follower of Vikas.

Finally, the game will come to an end today and guess who will be the next captain of the house. Well, it’s none other than Arshi Khan and why will she be not, its mastermind Vikas behind her.

Stay tuned and watch the episode for more news.

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