Team Hina, It’s Payback Time! Bigg Boss 11 29th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Bigg boss episode 60 29th november 2017 written update

Team Hina, It’s Payback Time! Bigg Boss 11 29th November 2017 Episode, Written Update Budget task :- What is the best meaning of the word revenge can be clearly understood from the day two task in the big boss house. In Tuesday’s episode, it was seen how rudely the dwarves i.e. Hina, Akash, Luv, and Arshi tortured the demon giants, Shilpa, Bandgi, Hiten and Puneesh. Tables have turned now and it’s time for Bandgi, Shilpa, Hiten, and Puneesh to become Lilliputians and take revenge for what all was done with them. The word Karma is playing a great role in Bigg Boss season 11.

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Bigg Boss 11 29th November 2017 Episode

Yesterday, Hina left no chance to make the time miserable for Bandgi. She continued her torture by putting the chilli powder on the whole face of Bandgi and even some of it went into Bandgi’s eyes. She even cut her own hair and made Bandgi afraid that her hairs were cut. But now it’s time for Bandgi and she is not going to make any false allegations. Yes! Bandgi will cut Hina’s hairs and certainly will not stop over here. The torture is going to be even more dangerous for other dwarves.

Hiten shouts at Luv

Bigg Boss 11 November 29 preview

Luv is very conscious about his hair and doesn’t want them to get them harmed in any of the ways. So, he hides all the trimmers of the house. Meanwhile, Hiten sees him doing so and shouts at Luv for touching his accessories without any permission.

No Luv, you are not going to be spared at all. His hairs are targeted and now poor luv will not be saved.

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Determined Akash Dadlani

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Akash will come out in his new form. During the whole task, he stayed with determination. In spite of the highest level of torture, he remains in the task.

The task is surely going to be at the next level today when Shilpa and team will win the game. Let’s see if Shilpa is going to be an active member of the captaincy task or not.