Weekend Ka Vaar BB11 Bigg Boss 11 3rd Dec 2017 Written Episode Update


Salman is sad with Hina Behaviour! Weekend Ka Vaar BB11 Bigg Boss 11 3rd Dec 2017 Written Episode Update:- In yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, Salman was having a sore throat and he welcomed the audience with the same. In the beginning of the show, Salman showed footage where Shilpa was in conversation with Hiten about Akash and Arshi. She was telling that she know why they both have gone so mad at her. Bandagi and Puneesh try to support Shilpa. Akash was telling everyone in the house that Puneesh likes Shilpa and once Bandagi is eliminated he will start his affair with Shilpa.

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Salman reprimands Dadlani for this and told him that poor remark was below the belt. On this Akash replied that he was just joking but this did not justify with what he commented.

Clean waxed legs of Hiten

So as to lighten out the pitch and mood of the show, Salman asked Hiten to wear the shorts so that everybody could see his beautifully waxed legs. He was even told that now he may get offers for the hair removal creams advertisements or for the item songs, LOL!

Villain of the House

With the majority of votes for Puneesh, he became the villain of the house. Salman also got angry with him for using abusive language the whole week and throwing the omelet. On this, Puneesh tried to justify by saying that the housemates provoke him to do so but again he could not satisfy Salman with his reason.

Hina you are the biggest liar

Next, Salman pulled up Hina for throwing Chilli in eyes and mouth of Bandagi. She agreed that it was wrong. Later Salman asked why she didn’t allow Vikas to give water to Bandagi on which she clearly said that I didn’t refuse. What a clear liar you are Hina.

Katrina Kaif was welcomed on the show and also Salman danced with her on the song of their upcoming movie. In today’s episode, you will see her going inside the house to meet the contestants and for the promotion of their upcoming movie ‘tiger zinda hai’.

Let’s see who is going to move out of the sow today!