Puneesh, Bandgi going to jail today? Bigg Boss 11 30th November 2017 Episode Written Update


Puneesh, Bandgi going to jail today? Bigg Boss 11 30th November 2017 Episode Written Update :- Finally, the lilliputs VS giants’ task has come to an end. Because of higher resistance time of Bandgi in the task, Shilpa and team won the task. Now the time has come when best performers of the show have to be decided. Also, three worst performers of the show have to be selected after the mutual decision by the contestants. Its Arshi Khan’s birthday today but still she is not going to be spared and will be sent to the jail because of the decision of the fellow members of the Bigg Boss house.

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Arshi blames Shilpa

Arshi tries to make Shilpa the worst performer of the task as she used garlic on the face of Akash leading to allergy on his full face. But Vikas will interrupt in middle defending Shilpa by saying that she was not having any idea of the allergy.

Now two members were to be selected as other two worst performers and members decided to send the lovebirds Puneesh and Bandagi to KaalKothari.

Refusal by Puneesh Bandgi

The house will again be set on the fires of fights when both of them disagree to go to the jail. They are not ready to accept that they performed the worst in the task. They keep on retaliating in their own ways.

Puneesh gets angry with Akash because of the tactics used by Akash in the whole task. He starts throwing the belongings of Akash out of the house. Bandgi blames Arshi for creating such situation. Both of them, Puneesh and Bandagi remain firm on their decision of not going inside the Jail and continue their fights in the house.

Let’s see what will be their final decision at last, will they spend their night in jail or not. Watch Bigg Boss today and get to know what will happen to them. It will be interesting to see what Salman is going to do this weekend. Will he take up all these things; well we will get to know it very soon.