Hina crossing all her limits! Bigg Boss 11 28th November 2017 Episode Written Update

bigg boss 11 28th november 2017 episode 58 day

Hina crossing all her limits to win the luxury budget: rubs chilly powder in Bandagi’s eyes Bigg Boss 11 28th November 2017 episode written update :- Day by day things is getting worst in the house of bigg boss. In today’s episode, you will get to see yet another level of torture in the house making things more miserable between Bandagi and Hina Khan.

To make this situation more uncomfortable, the teams are going to torture each other so as to win the luxury budget task.

What is this new task?

Most of the tasks in the house of Bigg Boss are the name of another terror. The upcoming task is also the example of the same. This task is going to be based on the satire written by Jonathan Swift – ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. There will be two teams named as giants and the Lilliputians. Under Lilliputians, there are Hina Khan, Arshi, Akash and Luv and in Giant’s team, Puneesh, Bandagi, Hiten, and Shilpa are there. The task of Lilliputians is to capture any one of the giants and torturing them to such an extent that they quit the task in middle itself. Giants have to be on their knees to do the entire task.

Hina continues her torture on Bandagi

Contestants are given full permission to do anything to make the Lilliputian quit in mid and they keep on doing. Hina in between takes the game to some other level and puts dry chili powder in eyes of Bandagi. Bandagi shouts and cries because of the pain and Vikas being the administrator of the task intervenes but Hina gives no chance and starts a fight on it.

Akash gets a chance to take revenge

When Hina is showing all her anger, why will Dadlani keep quiet! Akash continues threatening Puneesh that he will shave Puneesh’s hair. As a part of the task, both Hiten and Puneesh will have to get waxing done.

So many tortures will bring some more changes in the relationships and take them to another level. Let’s watch out who is going to be the winner of this luxury budget task.