Bigg Boss 11: 12th Dec 2017 Written Episode Update

bigg boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 12th Dec 2017 Written Episode Update:- Bigg Boss season 11 has always been able to manage to gain the attraction of the viewers. Whether it is the luxury budget task or the nomination task, the tasks being given are so interesting that anyhow people get attracted towards it. This week’s luxury budget task has been stated now. In today’s task, the members will be going to express their real emotions for the other contestants.

bigg boss 11

The luxury budget task of this week is given the name as BB Lab Task. In this task, the whole house will be divided into two halves. One team will be of robots and other will be of workers (karamacharis). Puneesh will be playing the role of a mad scientist as well as the sanchaalak of the task. Vikas, Shilpa, Luv, and Arshi are going to be the karamcharis and Priyan, Hiten, Akash and Hiten are going to be the robots in the task.

The karamcharis will be seen today in very high spirit as their task will be to get the emotions out from the robots whereas it is robot’s responsibility to not react at all whatever may be the situation. The entire task will be placed into three categories: anger, happiness, and sadness.

Vikas’s role as a mastermind will start over here when he will take the lead and starts instigating Akash. He will call Akash as one of the most disgusting and irritating men as he doesn’t know how to respect a woman. Luv will challenge Priyank and make fun of his bones. Later Arshi will be seen irritating Hina by taking the name of her boyfriend Rocky and will keep on whispering something.

It will be interesting to see whether Arshi will be able to make Hina cry or the robots will remain robots for the whole task.