Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Secret Story & Background

Bigg Boss 10 Contestant
Bigg Boss 10 Contestant List

Bigg boss 10 Contestant secret story and background :- Bigg Boss 10 is no longer something we had since last 9 seasons. This time, they have made the change and to be mentioned that the change has made it big.For the season 10 of Bigg boss channel has made two groups, namely India Wale and celebrities. Need to be mentioned that like always host Salman Khan made it better with his jokes and distinct way of anchoring.

Bigg Boss 10 Contestant
Bigg Boss 10 Contestant List

While we talk about celebrities in the Bigg Boss 10 show, I believe the viewers do have an idea about them, but if we talk about the ‘India Wale’, we do not have sufficient knowledge.

Don’t worry we are here to talk about the same. Today we’ll be talking about the secret story and background of any one contestant at the Bigg Boss 10 show.

Background Secret Story of BB 10 Contestant

Our contestant for today is Akanksha Sharma:

Background of Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Akanksha Sharma

Akanksha is basically from Gurgaon and gained the attention for all the valid reasons. There has been a chaos since the day channel announced that there will be a lady who’ll be having a link with a cricketer’s family.

While everyone was waiting for the lady to come, host, Salman Khan announced name of Akanksha Sharma. How many of you know about her? Akanksha is estranged wife (divorce is filed) of Zorawar Singh (younger brother of Yuvraj Singh). Yes, but do you have any idea about the secret that has linked with her life, or rather past life? Lets see

Secret story of Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Akanksha Sharma

As soon as she entered, everyone was eager to hear from her, as for the people she is no longer a normal girl next door (being married to Yuvraj’s brother). However, she shared that she got married to Zorawar a few years back, but the marriage didn’t work for long, and they got separated after 4 months of marriage.

Yes, it does sound bad, but the reason that she shared were more shocking. According to her, she has no complaints with her ex-husband. The reason behind the disputes according to her is Yuvraj Singh and his mother.

Soon after listening to this, Yuvraj’s mother gave her reaction and it looks that after these three months, just like every Bigg Boss contestant, Akanksha’s life will also change but don’t know how. But for now, we can’t say much on this, as the case is still in court.

Keep visiting us to know more about the secret story and background of other Bigg Boss 10 Contestants.

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