Enthiran Robot 2.0 Movie First Look Poster Released On 20th November 2016

Robot 2 Akshay Kuamr rajnikanth movie
Robot 2 Akshay Kuamr rajnikanth movie

Whether you are a Rajnikant Fan or not it is undeniable that deny that ‘Robot’ had been a spectacular watch with the mix of Science fiction and the marvelous graphics. For all the fan followings of Robot, we indeed have a good news to look forward to.

Robot 2 is in its way and the first look of the movie is all set to appear on 20th November. With this kind of news up the sleeves, we indeed know that the departing months of 2016 are surely going to make some grand Bollywood histories.

Robot 2 Akshay Kuamr rajnikanth movie
Robot 2 Akshay Kuamr rajnikanth movie

Robot 2 First Look Poster & Images On 20th November

Considering the last impact of Robot, it is expected that this edition of the Robot League would be a bigger and more gripping episode of science, carrying science fiction to greater heights. Since this latest edition would demand a more matured part on behalf of the movie makers and actors, Robot 2 winded up its shooting sessions in 2015 and is expected to hit the screens in 2017.

While rumors are in the air that Robot 2 will tentatively make its release on Diwali 2016, however the first look of the movie with its posters would not keep you in much wait. The poster is all set to make its first look on 20th November.

Robot 2 will have an addition to the cast and it is no other than the phenomenal Akshay Kumar. The Khiladi is however going to be spotted in an antagonist’s role. It has been declared that both the superstar Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar will be seen on 20th November unveiling the first look of 2.0 in Mumbai.

This movie under the directorship of S. Shankar is expected to create a thrilling response even with the outbreak of its very teaser. Raju Mahanligam, an entity from the Lyca Productions confirmed to the news and indeed we cannot keep ourselves waiting till 20th November.

The gripping gimmicks of sci-fi accompanied by Rajnikanth’s superman kind of action and Akshay Kumar’s villainous role are a treat that nobody would like to miss. Apart from it, Aishwariya Rai’s beauty adds to the interest of the flick.

Let’s keep ourselves waiting in anticipation till 20th November and check out what’s in store for us.

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