Aamir Khan’s Fat to Fit Journey Public Reaction On Twitter Social Media

dangal actor Aamir Khan Fit and fat
dangal actor Aamir Khan Fit and fat

Aamir Khan has been gifting us one after the other awestruck flicks. When a film stars Aamir you know you are on your way to a blockbuster. However this time the hot and sexy Aamir has taken the stride of a massive struggle.

A video released by UTV recently shows that it was not an easy task for Mr. Khan to go through all the hassles of a major gain in weight followed by a drastic loss of the same.

dangal actor Aamir Khan Fit and fat
dangal actor Aamir Khan Fit and fat

Dangal Actor Aamir Khan Fit And Fat Video

Aamir’s character in Dangal, his latest film has showcased him in both the young and elderly ages. While the young age seemed to be quite an easy one to shoot in terms of looks, the elderly one demanded quite some pounds to be put on by Aamir. And as usual the actor like all his dedicated roles, executed this too beautifully.

But how was the journey of “Fat to Fit” for Aamir? Well, the actor and the director has lots to say about this. Aamir has always tried to maintain a solid and sturdy figure of himself and gaining weight in this manner was indeed a challenging task for him. But, yes he did enjoy the journey.

He could eat anything he wanted without caring about his sharp and toned body and there he was with 97 kilos of weight. But wait the grass had not been completely green for Aamir.
With so much of weight on his body it wasn’t an easy task to practice the wrestling sessions.

In fact Aamir also had breathing troubles and he realized that when you become fat your entire body language changes. Still his determination was strong enough to bear everything for the sake of his character in the flick.

Director Nitish Tiwari had previously told Aamir to shoot the young scene prior to the older and healthier one. However Aamir objected to the fact as he told that 80 % of the film is based on his elderly role and thus if he becomes fat after shooting for the younger role, he won’t have a reason to come back to his present self.

It was only after shooting for the fat and healthy character, Aamir switched over to fit and sturdy avatar for which he deserves an applaud from everyone.