7 things you face if you are in your 20s! Know the Side effects

side effects of being in 20s
side effects of being in 20s

7 things you face if you are in your 20s :-  Being in your 20s seems so cool, energetic and in demand. Isn’t it true? Everyone wants to enjoy this phase of age again and again. But have you ever felt that it isn’t that easy? So did you? Or you didn’t? What everyone shows you is the coolest side of this age. But nobody shows the disadvantages. Today, we are going to show you the side effects of being in 20s,So here we go.

side effects of being in 20s
side effects of being in 20s

Side effects of being in Age 20s

  1. Neither you are adult nor a kid

No matter whether you are 20,21,23 or 25. But nobody considers you as an adult at all and not even as a kid anymore. When you want to do something you like, they will keep on saying – abhi ug to jao achhe se. 😛 I mean yes it’s true.

  1. Hormonal changes

This is the toughest change you will go through in your 20s. Mood swings, attraction, infatuation, love, breakup and etc.

  1. Age for career or marriage?

A big question. Half of your relatives say to get married and others will focus in your career. And you will be the one who will keep on finding the right age of making the career and then to get married.

  1. Making decisions.

Now this is the perfect age for you to take your decisions by yourself and get self dependent. But it’s not that easy. You will find many obstacles in it also.

  1. When to get married?

Well this question remains unanswered always. You will get many and actually many NOT SO WANTED advices from your friends, family and relatives. But it’s you who has to take a decision at last.

  1. When will you start earning?

When will you start earning? Will you be dependent on your parents always? Don’t you think you are a burden for them? Don’t you have any self respect? And what not? Many of you may face these arrogant questions from your relatives and society and if you ask them to mind their own business, what they will answer is that they care for you. Argh!

  1. You will find a new YOU every year

These 10 years are the most complicated year of your life. You will be making new friends continuously. You will go through many breakups. Your opinions will change every month. At last you will be confused.

So these were the some major disadvantages of being in 20s. You will face these things. But since, life hai. Chill maaro. It happens. Move on as the life keeps on going. 🙂

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