7 Problems OF A Flat Chested Girl


7 Problems OF A Flat Chested Girl :- In this world, where everyone is so obsessed with big bouncy breasts, what a girl whose chest is flat can do? I mean think twice? What will they do? What are the things or I can say disadvantages they go through? Well, we are going to see these today. So let’s scroll down

  1. Not getting the exact bra of their size



They will feel little (actually a lot) difficulty in finding their size of bra. And yes, even B cup is too big for them.

  1. Whenever a fancy dress comes, dressing up like a guy isn’t that difficult.



True isn’t it? Whenever a fancy dress competition or something like that comes, what everyone suggest them is to become a guy as they have a flat chest like them so it’s not that difficult. Agrh!

  1. No cleavage.



Are you talking about cleavage? Sorry? What is it? Yeah! This damn reaction when someone talks about cleavage to a flat chested girl. :/

  1. You often go to kid’s section for clothing



As your size is S,XS and even smaller than this, you sometimes visit kid’s section for getting a cloth which fits you better. Isn’t it?

  1. When everyone is talking about their breasts, you remain quite.



When your girls group is talking about their breast and all related to it, all you do is to remain silent. Yeah!

  1. That awkward intimate moments



This is so embarrassing. When you see everyone else having a good time with their bf and making love, you feel little bit nervous as you feel your body isn’t that seducing.

  1. You feel J from your curvy girl friends.



Yeah you do. You are jealous of them since they have got a good figure which attracts a man the most.

So these were the some things a flat chested girls face. Isn’t it true? But don’t feel bad since it’s just a one side. You have some advantages too.